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Denise Richards’ Husband Aaron Phypers Has Issues With Charlie Sheen

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Denise Richards’ husband, Aaron Phypers claims he has a few issues with Richards’ ex-husband, Charlie Sheen. The former RHOBH star’s current husband is not happy at all with Sheen. He claims he feels Charlie is playing games with Denise concerning the recent custody drama surrounding the former couple’s teenage daughter, Sami Sheen.

Aaron claims he is standing behind Denise through all the recent issues, but, he does not agree with how Charlie is going about things at all. According to Reality Blurb, Sheen has convinced a judge to cancel all of his child support responsibilities because he claims he has custody of the couple’s two teen daughters Sami, 17, and Lola, 16.

Sources close to Aaron tell People, “Aaron’s a kind man. He’s in a tough role, but he keeps his cool. Aaron is heartbroken because Denise is heartbroken that Charlie is pulling this after all she has done for him. He’s upset because his wife is upset that Charlie is playing this game with the kids.”

Denise Richards And Charlie Sheen DISAGREE On Parenting Teen Daughters

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Instagram Sami Sheen

The source adds that Aaron is heartbroken because Denise is so devastated.

As previously reported Sami Sheen, 17, took to TikTok in September, opening up about her mental health and making shocking accusations about her mom Denise Richards. Sami made comments about being “trapped” in an “abusive household.” It is not an easy job parenting a teenager these days, as Denise is finding out. But, Sami’s behavior does not come as a surprise to her.

Following Sami’s shocking social media outburst she has since dropped out of high school and is now living with her father, Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen. According to Aaron Phypers, he feels Charlie is pulling some shady moves. He recently appeared in court, where he somehow convinced the judge to rule in his favor over the child support.

Sadly Denise missed the court appearance. Sources close to Richards reveal she had no idea the hearing was taking place and was out of town working.

 However, Charlie’s team insisted that was not the case. “All parties were served and informed of the court date nearly three months ago,” Charlie’s publicist, Jeff Ballard states, “The judge would not have ruled had they not been. To claim otherwise is a complete fabrication.”

Charlie added, “If [Denise] has a problem, she should go to the courthouse and talk to the judge.”

Denise and Aaron are reportedly at their wit’s end over the decisions that Charlie has been making.

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Charlie Sheen Accused Of Playing Dirty In Court

“He encouraged Sami to drop out of high school, well, because he did also… Charlie was constantly undercutting Denise for months before Sami moved out. … It made parenting for Denise impossible,” the source said, confirming Denise is in touch with her daughter.

“Denise and Sami are talking… She is a busy working mom and respects her kids’ privacy and won’t speak publicly about this,” the insider explained. According to a separate source, Denise would love for the girls to stay at her home, but they prefer to be at their dad’s, where “everything is a big party.”

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Instagram Charlie Sheen

 However, there seem to be conflicting reports. Sources close to Charlie claim that he is doing a great job parenting the girls. They claim that the teens love being with their dad and insist that he has laid down numerous rules for the girls to follow.

Denise Richards remains lowkey and refuses to discuss her issues with her daughters and Charlie Sheen publicly. However, it appears as if Denise and Charlie have a long road ahead to work out all of their differences concerning their daughters.


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