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Chase Chrisley Has BIG Secret: Wants Hot & Steamy Kardashian Romance

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Chase Chrisley revealed a BIG secret regarding the Kardashian family on his Instagram Stories a while back. Turns out, he wants a hot and steamy Kardashian romance. More specifically, it appears as if he wants to pick up Kourtney Kardashian and plant a big, wet smooth on her!

Wait, he isn’t with Emmy Medders anymore?

Chrisley Knows Best fans were certain Emmy Medders was Chase’s forever. Fans noted the couple would make beautiful babies and they agreed she was the spitting image of Julie Chrisley. While some thought this was creepy, others agree it is extremely common for sons to date someone who reminds them of their mother.

Unfortunately, Chase didn’t really share any details as to why he and Emmy Medders didn’t work out. Fans suspect she was way too mature and serious to be with Todd and Julie’s son. Mostly, however, fans were just devastated the couple didn’t work out.

Chrisley Knows Best Chase Chrisley Emmy Medders feature
Chase Chrisley – Instagram

Chase Chrisley has Kardashian relationship goals

Turns out, Chase isn’t happy with being single. He wants a hot and steamy romance similar to the one Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker often flaunt all over social media. Chase shared a photo of Travis picking up Kourtney Kardashian.

Chase Chrisley Instagram
Chase Chrisley Instagram

She had her legs wrapped around his waist and his arms around his neck. They were engaged in a passionate kiss. Chase Chrisley’s big secret was that this photo was very much “goals” for what he wanted in a relationship.

Chase Chrisley Instagram
Chase Chrisley Instagram

Now, the photo only came attached with the word “goals.” So, Chase Chrisley wasn’t very clear on what exactly he wanted from the photo. Did he just want a woman he could scoop up and kiss in a passionate way? Did he want a hot and steamy Kardashian romance? Or, was he interested in Kourtney Kardashian specifically?

Regardless of who he wants, it is clear he isn’t interested in being single and wants to scoop someone up into his arms. Fans can only hope he’s able to find someone to spend his life with.

Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox Instagram
Photo Credit: Machine Gun Kelly| Instagram

Are you surprised Chase Chrisley wants a hot and steamy Kardashian romance? Do you think Chase Chrisley and one of the Kardashian sisters would make a good couple? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Chrisley and Kardashian family.

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