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‘Below Deck Med’: Who Is The Quarantined Chef That Joins The Show?

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A major plot twist is coming to Below Deck Med. On Monday night’s episode, chef Mathew Shea was off his game once again. The chef got tripped up over eggs. This comes after Mat consistently asked chief stew Katie Flood to let him know if the charter guests like his food.

Unfortunately, they didn’t like the fish. They felt it was unseasoned. Fans may recognize Jemele Hill and her crew, who were on Season 7 of Below Deck. Mat continued to flub in the galley, which means Captain Sandy Yawn will have to bring the quarantined chef on board.

Yes, the same chef who has been waiting to work all season.

Below Deck Med recap: Mat Shea loses it to eggs

Once again, Mat is struggling with his job. Captain Sandy Yawn compared his Below Deck Med journey to a “rollercoaster.” The Bravo producers even shared a montage of his highs and lows. Fans assumed that Mat would have an easier time now that stew Lexi Wilson was fired.

The two often clashed in the galley. This would cause a distraction with his work. The previous charter guests loved his food. Katie kept reassuring Mat that they were happy with his food. But he was like a motherless son who needed a lot of love and consoling.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
What made things worse was that Captain Sandy told him that his fish had dark pieces of meat, which was unacceptable. That criticism followed Mat into this new charter. All of a sudden, he kept making mistakes. From unseasoned fish to almost causing an allergic reaction, things haven’t gone well for Mat.

And it goes downhill from there. At the end of the latest episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, Mat struggled to make breakfast. In his interview, he recalled a time when he had a panic attack while making eggs. Those triggers came back to haunt him, making breakfast drag on longer than it should.

Does Chef Luka Grubisic come to save the day?

The preview for the next episode shows a new face in the galley. Captain Sandy reveals that she had to call the chef in quarantine. He’s been waiting to help the entire season. Fans have been wanting to get a sneak peek of the hot chef who’s been in hiding.

Well, their dreams are finally coming true. Below Deck Med fans will get to meet Chef Luka Grubisic, who spent several weeks in quarantine. He was supposed to arrive earlier in the season when Mat stormed off the yacht. In the preview, Chef Luka walks up to the yacht and is greeted by deckhands David Pascoe, Lloyd Spencer, and Mzi Dempers.

[Credit: Luka Grubisic/Instagram]
[Credit: Luka Grubisic/Instagram]
Chef Luka explains to bosun Malia White that he’s the “backup chef” in case “something goes wrong.” In his interview, he admits that being there last-minute is “f***ing uncomfortable.”

So, what happened to Chef Mat? Did he walk off the boat? Did he get fired? Fans will have to wait and see what happens.

The Below Deck Med Season 6 finale airs Monday, October 18 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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