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Is ‘Oats Studio’ Season 2 Coming To Netflix?

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There are so many hidden gems on Netflix these days, some of the better programs on the streaming service can get lost. While most of the world is talking about Squid Game, there’s yet another horror series that is starting to get more attention as word of mouth spreads. Oats Studio has actually been around in some form or another for a little while now, but its arrival on Netflix has given it new life.

Now that Season 1 has been such a hit, there’s a rather obvious question for fans of the show. Is there going to be an Oats Studio Season 2?

What Is ‘Oats Studio’?

The collection of episodes that make up the science-fiction-themed series arrived on Netflix on October 1st. It included longer experimental films like “Rakka” which had a runtime of 21 minutes but also including shorter episodes like “Gdansk” which only has a runtime of 4 minutes.

The short films come from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. He set up the independent studio back in 2017 and originally set out to distribute movies via YouTube.

Most of the tales told in this collection do indeed have to do with some sort of science fiction theme, including the first episode of the lot which depicts a rather brutal takeover of earth by an alien race. Some of the episodes have big-name actors playing parts, including Sigourney Weaver in that first episode, which happens to be among the longest in the group.

Interestingly, the series was not specifically made for Netflix. That could cloud the issue as to whether or not a Season 2 is coming. There’s also the fact that several of episodes included in Season 1 are not new but have been on the Internet for quite a while.

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Is Season 2 Coming?

If and when Season 2 is going to be arriving on Netflix any time soon is an open question. On the one hand, the fact that these episodes were already out there might mean a second installment could arrive fairly soon. On the other, it’s not clear if there has been any work on on Season 2 at all.

There are a few notable exclusions of videos not being on Netflix that are available on YouTube which could make up a second volume. A couple of examples being Kenya as part of the Bad President episode or Praetoria.

In terms of actual new projects within Oats Studio, there hasn’t been anything new since Gdansk in November 2017.

Neill Blomkamp has discussed some of the experimental features he’d like to include in future projects.

Demonic, which is released by IFC Films, was produced under the Oats Studio banner and is a feature-length film. It’s possible that could be released on Netflix as a kind of second season. However, it seems as if an actual Season 2 might not be coming anytime soon.

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