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Johannah Duggar Could Get Married Later In Life – Find Out Why

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Former Counting On star Johannah Duggar could be courting very soon, as many of her siblings have gotten married young. But with the cancelation of the family’s TLC show, she may be met with a different fate. So, what might happen with Johannah’s relationship status?

Counting On Canceled By TLC

As fans and critics of the Duggar family know, their show, Counting On was canceled in response to Josh’s arrest in April. The feds took him into custody after child pornography downloads were traced back to his IP address and his devices at the car lot he owns. He’s currently awaiting his trial. New details about the scandal are surfacing, but he still claims he’s innocent.

After the show was canceled, fans and critics realized that the Duggars stopped following a handful of their strict beliefs. This had some viewers wondering if the rules were just a facade for the show.

Duggar family Instagram, Johannah Duggar 1
Duggar family Instagram

Johannah Duggar’s Relationships May Be Influenced By Show’s Cancelation

On Reddit, Duggar Snarks began talking about Johannah’s possible courtships because she celebrated her sixteenth birthday on Monday. Some think she will be married in the next couple of years because many of her siblings have gotten married young. However, others think the show’s cancelation will work in her favor. They wonder if Johannah will have more freedom and be able to live her life how she wants because the spotlight won’t be on the family.

Some users are discussing Justin Duggar getting married shortly after he turned 18. Interestingly, Justin asked his girlfriend Claire Spivey to marry him right around his birth date. Critics wonder if the family had Justin wait to get engaged so it would be more socially acceptable. One user writes, “Keep in mind, they’re no longer on TLC. I think they did that in hopes to have it showed on TV with less controversy. I’m expecting them to become more open with their ‘separated ways’ (while also watching the kids slowly walk away from their standards).”

Another weighs in, “I honestly expect they will be less strict about their separate ways now that they don’t have the show to box them into a brand they have to uphold. I actually wouldn’t even be surprised if Michelle starts running around in pants in the next few months.”

Someone else adds, “They don’t have the show anymore, I’m not sure they care now.”

Duggar family Instagram
Duggar family Instagram

So, do you think that the show’s cancelation could have anything to do with the timing of Johannah Duggar’s courtship and wedding? Or do you think the family will continue to live the same way now that the show is over? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I think all along the parents have given the basic tools they believe and left it up to the kids to follow their own paths.

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