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Is Jinger Vuolo Sick? Duggar Fans Express Concerns After Recent Photo

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A new photo of Jinger Vuolo has fans wondering if she’s okay or if she could be sick. When her husband Jeremy posted a new picture, Counting On fans began commenting on her appearance. So, what’s going on, and why are fans concerned?

Jinger Vuolo Instagram
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

As we reported, Jeremy shared a new photo of Jinger at a LA Dodgers baseball game. Many fans commented on how beautiful Jinger looks and that she seems very happy in Los Angeles. However, some fans are worried that something could be wrong.

Duggar fans wonder if something is wrong.

In the comments section of Jeremy’s new post, fans are commenting and asking about Jinger’s health. One fan writes, “She looks so thin. I hope she’s alright.” Other fans agree with the original commenter, agreeing that they are concerned about Jinger.

However, someone else responded to the post, pointing out that Jinger has been working out, so she’s “toned” rather than “thin.”

Similar comments have been posted on other photos of Jinger. On a post from September 26, one fan writes that Jinger is “looking so thin.” Someone else called out these fans, writing, “The comments about Jinger looking thin are hurtful considering she talked about how she struggled with body image when she was younger.”

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram
Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

As fans may know, in their book Hope We Hold, Jinger and Jeremy open about their lives and their pasts. Years ago, Jinger dealt with an eating disorder, as she explains in the book. So, this may be where fans got the idea that she could be in a similar situation once again.

Jinger Vuolo has been open about working out.

There is one possible explanation for Jinger’s appearance. On social media, she has shared several recent posts about her workouts. So, she may look thinner because she’s lost some weight thanks to her workouts.

While fans are glad to see her taking care of her body, they are concerned that she could take it too far. At this point, Jinger and Jeremy haven’t responded to fans’ fears in the comments section of his latest post. So, fans may not get an answer.

So, do you think that Jinger Vuolo could be sick or dealing with an eating disorder? Or do you think she is just working out and getting fit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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