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Jeremy Vuolo’s New Photo Of Jinger Has Fans Thinking She Got A Job

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Did Jeremy Vuolo‘s wife Jinger get a job outside of the house? His latest post has fans wondering if that’s a possibility. After all, the Duggar family’s show, Counting On was recently canceled. As a result, several members of the family have been exploring new ways to make money. For example, Jessa Seewald began uploading on YouTube more frequently. Abbie Duggar started reselling used clothing online.

Jinger and Jeremy have also found ways to make money with the Duggar name. For a while, they had their own podcast. They also wrote a book and sold hats and candles. Most recently, they have partnered with brands to promote different products. Jinger shared a post about a robot vacuum and gave fans a coupon code to use if they buy it. She may earn a commission on each purchase or could have received a free vacuum in exchange for her post.

With the cancelation of Counting On, fans and critics have wondered if the former TLC stars will get jobs outside of the house. Jeremy’s new photo of his wife only fuels that speculation.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram, Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Jeremy Vuolo Posts New Photo of Jinger and Sparks Speculation

In a new Instagram post, Jeremy shared a snap of his wife Jinger at a recent LA Dodgers game. In the photo, Jinger is sitting in a chair in a suite at the game. It’s a more candid shot as she looks away from the camera, laughing. Jeremy writes, “Smiles for miles @dodgers”

In the photo, she’s wearing a blue vest over a white shirt with ripped jeans. At first glance, fans think it looks like the same vest that Walmart employees wear. One fan writes, “At first glance when i saw the blue vest i thought ‘welcome to walmart.’😆” Another adds, “I love you Jinger but you look like you work at Walmart with that vest in. 😂” More similar comments are rolling in, as one fan writes, “Omg I thought this was a Walmart vest.”

Plenty of other Counting On fans are responding to those comments saying, “Same!” Someone else replies, “I thought so too!” One fan sweetly writes, ” I did too! She can even make a Walmart vest look good she’s so gorgeous.”

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram
Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

However, because Jinger and Jeremy are at a baseball game rather than a grocery store, it’s safe to say that she doesn’t actually work at Walmart. It seems like Jinger was attempting to make a fashion statement. The Dodgers and Walmart happen to use similar shades of blue, which is likely why fans are so confused.

For now, it looks like Jinger and Jeremy will continue pursuing other ventures, like their podcast or writing books. Nonetheless, this photo gave fans a good laugh.

So, were you confused when you saw Jinger Vuolo wearing a blue vest? Do you think she will end up getting a job outside of the house, or do you think she and Jeremy have found enough ways to make money? Let us know in the comments section below.

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