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Anna Duggar’s Family Welcomes Beautiful Baby Boy: See Photos

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Anna Duggar’s family welcomed a gorgeous baby boy into the world today. And, her family was kind enough to share photos of the gorgeous little guy on social media. The little guy’s name hasn’t been revealed to the public yet. But, his birth announcement along with a few photos are bouncing around social media right now. What all do we know about the beautiful baby boy that has been welcomed into Anna Duggar’s family?

Anna Duggar’s family welcomes beautiful baby boy

According to social media chatter, Nathan and Nurie Keller welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world just before 10:00 a.m. this morning. If you don’t recognize the name, Nathan Keller is actually Anna’s younger brother. Technically, it wasn’t Nathan and Nurie that announced the birth of their baby boy on social media. Fans of the Duggar family that also follow the Kellers and Rodrigues families assume Nathan and Nurie were too busy celebrating the birth of their baby boy to post on Instagram.

It was proud grandma, Jill Rodrigues, who rushed to social media to announce the birth of Nurie’s son. Those who are familiar with David and Jill Rodrigues know the family has always been considered to be clout chasers. Duggar Snarks often talk about David and Jill Rodrigues on Reddit because they believe the family tries HARD to ride the Duggar family’s coattails. So, no one was too surprised with Nurie’s mother Jill was the first to announce the birth of the little guy.

Anna Duggar YouTube
Anna Duggar YouTube

A few photos of the baby boy have surfaced

A few photos of the newest baby in Anna Duggar’s family have started to make rounds on social media. One photo features Nurie Keller with a huge smile on her face as she embraces her gorgeous baby boy. A second photo features the baby wrapped in a blanket and in mommy’s arms with daddy Nathan hovering over him. Both parents are noticeably oozing with joy in the photos. And, really, who could blame them?

Anna Duggar Younger Brother Facebook
Nathan and Nurie Keller – Jill Rodrigues Instagram/Facebook

Wait, how many siblings does Anna Duggar have?

As Distractify reminds us, Anna Duggar comes from a pretty big family. Turns out, she actually has seven siblings. Daniel Keller is one of her more well-known siblings as he’s estranged from their controlling family. Daniel has also been very vocal about hoping his sister Anna will ditch Josh. Daniel has received a lot of praise from those who believe he is right and she should leave Josh.

When will Anna Duggar and Josh have their baby?

Anna Duggar has stayed off social media and out of the spotlight as much as possible. She, however, was spotted recently accompanying her husband to and from court. And, she was still very pregnant. Duggar fans assume Anna and Josh will be welcoming their baby into the world any time now.

Anna and Josh Duggar YouTube
Anna and Josh Duggar YouTube

Unfortunately, Duggar fans have no idea if they’ll be made aware of Anna giving birth. Moreover, fans have no reason to believe they’ll even get to see the baby. Whether the world gets to see that baby just depends on if Anna and Josh decide to sell the birth announcement and some pictures to a tabloid.

Do you think Anna Duggar is ready to give birth to her own little bundle of joy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Anna and Josh Duggar.

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