‘DWTS’: Lindsay Arnold Blasted Over Misleading Clothing Line Sizing Comments

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DWTS fans were overjoyed when dance pro-Lindsay Arnold announced that she would be launching a new clothing line. Unfortunately, it seems that the celeb may not have lived up to the promises she made about her brand – and the public is calling her out on it. What’s got followers in a rage? Read on to get the details.

Lindsay Arnold Announces A New Clothing Line

Back on October 5, Lindsay Arnold took to Instagram with an exciting post. After years of dreaming about it and a year of solid hard work, her love project, her clothing line, was finally coming to fruition. The brand would be called Five The Label, and the celeb says that her new line celebrates all women and the beauty that exists in everything that they do.

Fans were thrilled that in her post, Lindsay took the time to say that her brand was created to include women in all stages of life. According to her “everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin,” and Linsday was confident that her brand helped achieve that goal.

In the post, she also announced that the entire Autumn collection would be dropping on October 15 and that there was much more to come.

Lindsay’s Misleading Lingo

In Lindsay’s post, she really gave off the vibe that this is definitely a brand for ‘every woman.’ The Dancing With The Stars alum says she wants all women to feel beautiful in their bodies. A  come as you are type brand is what she seems to be offering. At least, that’s how her fans and followers understood it.

Lindsay shared photos in her launch post of herself and two other women wearing some of the items in the Five The Label line, and while their bodies did differ slightly – they had three different types of thin, toned, athletic bodies. Still, the language seemed to hold a promise for fans and potential buyers who were excited about the potential of body-positive, size-inclusive athletic wear.

Arnold released the brand’s website address as well for people to check out pre-launch and fans immediately went to check the sizing info. The post was quickly flooded with comments from angry women who were frustrated and confused by the sizing chart on the website that revealed that the max out size they offer is a 2x – which sounds generous – but was actually scaled-down. Normally, in American sizing, a 2x would be 20-22 sometimes a 22-24 depending on the brand. Five The Label however defines their 2x as a 16-18 – which is a far cry from ‘size-inclusive.’

Photo Credit: Lindsay Arnold| Instagram

Fans Are Disappointed

Women who initially would have jumped at the chance to buy from Lindsay Arnold’s brand are now saddened and angry by the misleading representation of the sizing. Most companies who offer ‘size inclusive’ options offer items from 1x-4x at a minimum and at the appropriate measurements. This is not what people were expecting. Now, fans are feeling duped and targeted, and they weren’t afraid to express it.

“Up to L isn’t all women,” one fan said, “I got excited when I saw your verbiage, but none of what’s on their site comes close to inclusive.”

“This brand isn’t for all women it’s for some women, said another, “Don’t forget that when you cash your checks girl!!”

The comments on the post went on and on. “Can we see more representation of ALL bodies and not just pretty ones like yalls?”

“Have to call you out on the ALL women. The gals in the pics are ALL either toned/fit like you or way tooo skinny. And they are ALL young. Might want to change your messaging.”

Lindsay Arnold Gets A Workout … Backpedaling

Once Lindsay got wind of the pushback she was getting from fans about her sizing message, fans noticed that her post changed slightly. Initially – her post had a line about ‘women of every size.’ Today, that post doesn’t contain that verbiage. There has been clear editing on the post. Additionally, the celeb’s team has gone through and started deleting mass numbers of negatory comments about the brand’s misleading sizing.

Initially, Lindsay Arnold was commenting back to every comment. Once they started coming in too fast, the celeb generates an autoresponse that she posted to every comment. This lack of care and sincerity fueled the anger of the fans even more. “Omg!! Same generated answer for everyone! Didn’t take long to feel like your answer was insincere,” said one angry viewer.

Photo Credit: Lindsay Arnold | Instagram

Seems like this graceful dancer may have twirled herself into a big pile of dog poo. Do you think she’s in over her head? Was it a purposeful sales tactic or just a lack of forethought on her part? Tell us what you think in the comments.



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