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Jeremy Vuolo Looks PAINED In Photo: Struggling To Keep Mouth Shut?

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Duggar Snarks always come for Jeremy Vuolo’s photos because his mouth is always gaping wide open in them. As we’ve previously reported, those who dislike the Duggar family often make it a game to spot photos of Jeremy Vuolo where his mouth is NOT open in the photos. Turns out, it isn’t something that happens too often. So, the recent photo on Jinger Vuolo’s Instagram profile has some Duggar followers a bit perplexed. The photo features Jeremy without his mouth gaping open. Duggar Snarks, however, agree he looks a little pained in the photo.

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram
Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

Pained Jeremy Vuolo struggling to keep mouth shut?

Jinger Vuolo shared a photo of herself in her husband’s embrace on Instagram yesterday. She had a huge smile on her face as she rested her head on her husband’s chest. Jeremy, however, looked like he was in pain. His nose was a bit crinkled and he appeared to be struggling to hold his mouth shut.

The struggle on his face prevented any sort of smile from forming. This photo just supported Duggar snark’s theory that he really can’t take a photo with his mouth closed.

According to the caption, the lovely couple went out to enjoy a baseball game together. Jinger Vuolo looked to be having a much nicer time than her husband Jeremy who just looked to be in pain.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Jinger and her husband recently welcomed a new family member

As we previously reported, Jeremy Vuolo and his wife Jinger welcomed a new member to their family. Unfortunately, this new member wasn’t a baby nor was it any sort of pet. Turns out, they brought an automatic vacuum into their household. Jeremy Vuolo’s wife was thrilled as it would help her keep things clean. And, their children found it pretty entertaining.

Unfortunately, Jeremy Vuolo and his wife caught a fair amount of heat after bringing the vacuum into their family. Some of their followers thought it was a lazy way to clean. Some took issue with introducing it as a new member of the family. And, some just blasted Jinger and Jeremy for flaunting something so expensive they got for free.

Duggar Critics Notice An ANNOYING Habit of Jeremy Vuolo

Do you think Jeremy Vuolo looks like he’s in pain in this photo? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the former TLC stars.

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