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New ‘BIP’ Couples Spill Tea On Each Other

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The newly engaged couples from Bachelor in Paradise were ready to spill the tea. The three couples including, Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin, Riley Christian, and Maurissa Gunn were ready to share some juicy details and thoughts on other contestants.

The first question they were asked was whose breakup surprised them the most, but it quickly turned into questions about their relationships and future babies. Read on for some of their surprising answers.

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What Did The Bachelor In Paradise Couples Say Surprised Them?

On Bachelor in Paradise this year, there were a lot of food-centered dates. Mari and Kenny joked they may have ruined tacos for other people, but they still eat them. Mari said she got grounded by her dad for that scene where they ate tacos off each other. According to US Weekly, Maurissa said the sour cream and guacamole on the skin got to her.

For Riley and Maurissa, they ate whipped cream off of various parts of their bodies using a game that picked the parts for them. Riley said before going on the show he didn’t care for whipped cream but now he likes it. Kenny and Mari were asked if there would be pros and cons to a TV wedding. Mari said a pro would be a luxury wedding and a con would be everyone seeing the wedding. Riley said it would be pro all around when asked the same question because he’d get to marry Maurissa.

Whose Breakup Surprised The Couples More?

On Bachelor in Paradise, there were plenty of breakups. The one that Mari, Kenny, Maurissa, Riley, and Serena were surprised by was Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer. They thought they were better off dating offscreen. They all were happy for them. Joe said James Bonsall and Anna Redman surprised him with their breakup. He thought they would have been good together.

The host asked Kenny if he knew what Mari wanted in a ring. He said he’d never even seen one, but the people there helped him figure it all out. When asked who they want to double date with, Maurissa said it would be Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs. Kenny said Joe and Serena would be great to go out with. He added that Joe is right down the street from him in Chicago.

Kenny and Mari revealed they would be getting married in Puerto Rico and moving to Chicago. Mari said she thought it would be cool to do a butterfly release at the wedding and Kenny’s face showed that was the first he’d heard about that. She said there’s a whole Pinterest board dedicated to her wedding so she has ideas. Meanwhile, Kenny said he’d pick the band for the reception. What do you think about the couples’ plans for the future? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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