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Matt Roloff Admits Caryn Is Too Good For Him

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Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler have had their ups and downs during the course of their relationship. However, it appears that when it comes down to the brass tacks, the Little People Big World star knows that he’s got the better end of the deal.

Matt Roloff Sees Reality

While the LPBW star was celebrating a big day, he had his entire family around him. He also had Caryn, who has been his constant companion over the last year or so, in tow.

Posting on his Instagram page, he let his followers know that he’s celebrating a heck of a milestone. Matt Roloff is now officially, 60-years-old. It appears the day was a busy one for him considering how many people were crowded around him in the celebration picture.

Alongside the photo, he included a caption explaining why the massive get together was going on.

“My favorite peeps. (Well most of them anyway ),” he wrote.  “Some were here earlier in the day… celebrating my 6-0 milestone. Wait? What??? I’m 60? Thank goodness the 60 is the new 40. :))). Caryn is way too good to me.”

While Matt Roloff didn’t explicitly state it, it sounds like Caryn might be the person to thank for the massive celebration.

Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff/Instagram

It’s also pretty amazing that there were that many people celebrating his big day and that wasn’t everyone who had come over to see him.

The picture shows many of the LPBW celebs all gathered around him with big smiles on their faces. It appears that life is going quite well for most of the people in that group. That of course, includes a couple of the more well known Little People Big World stars who are expecting a baby in the very near future.

Unfortunately, fans of Matt Roloff’s decided to turn that particular piece of good news into an argument, thanks to one particular user who decided to use phrasing some others took issue with.

Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff/Instagram

Feud Breaks Out In The Comments

While most of the focus in the Instagram post was all about celebrating a big day and how much Caryn did to make that happen, some argued over the use of one particular phrase. It started when a user commented on what he saw in the group.

“Looks like Jakes’s old lady is knocked up!” the user wrote. “Sorry Matt i had to another grandbaby good for you Gramps.”

Another commenter took umbrage and responded, “a rather crude way to acknowledge Jake and his WIFE are expecting.”

Others weighed in on the way the issue was addressed, pointing out that she’s due in November or December.

In the end, the focus was able to be turned back to Matt Roloff and his happy day alongside Caryn, who he readily admitted treated him very well.

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