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‘Below Deck’ Worlds Collide: Hannah Ferrier Almost Hired Daisy Kelliher

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Here is a Below Deck first. Daisy Kellingher from Season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht revealed that she almost worked for Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean. At the time, Daisy was green and just dipping her toe into yachting. Now, she works as a chief stew.

Fans are looking forward to her return on a new season of Sailing Yacht. However, she almost didn’t make it because she nearly flubbed the interview. Daisy talked about the disastrous job interview. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to work with the fellow Aussie.

Hannah Ferrier interviewed Daisy Kelliher

On the latest episode of the Pita Party podcast, Daisy Kelliher said that she almost worked for Hannah Ferrier. The two Bravo stars were both working in Antibes at the time. Daisy just started working in yachting. She recalled the entire story to Below Deck alum Hannah Ferrier.

“Basically I was watching Below Deck and we were like fans from our old boat,” Daisy Kelliher said. “And I watched a few seasons and for some reason there you were on the boat and the boat was backing up and Antibe and I got this crazy, crazy flashback and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ So I texted my friend Kate and I was like … is Hannah … I barely even wrote anything else. And she’s like, ‘Yeah, it is Hannah.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, God.'”

[Credit: Daisy Kelliher/Instagram]
[Credit: Daisy Kelliher/Instagram]
Daisy was looking for her first job in yachting. At the time, she met another girl named Kate, who was also there for a job interview. Daisy admitted that she was “hungover” from the night before. Since she couldn’t get a hangover cure, she had to hide her eyes behind sunglasses during the interview.

Why she didn’t get to work on Below Deck before

Unfortunately, the interview didn’t go as Daisy planned. Hannah wanted to know if she ended up interviewing Daisy. “Yeah, you interviewed me,” Daisy said. “You had a French captain, and you really wanted me, but you’d just fired a girl and he really wanted this French girl.”

Daisy noted that Hannah just had a “disaster season” with a group of “older girls.” Her captain wanted to work with the French girl instead. Hannah and Daisy exchanged a few emails but that was all that happened. Hannah noted that yachting is a “small world” after all.

[Credit: Hannah Ferrier/Instagram]
[Credit: Hannah Ferrier/Instagram]
Daisy and Hannah weren’t the only crew members who almost exchanged worlds on the show. A lot of the Below Deck crew members know of each other. Some of them have even become friends after working in the yachting industry. So, it’s not uncommon for two crew members from two different franchises to know each other.

Below Deck premieres Monday, October 25 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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