Disney+ ‘Among The Stars’ NASA Astronaut Captain Chris Cassidy And Team’s Last Mission

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Disney+ brings an edge-of-the-seat true accounting of a $2 billion dollar investment to figure out the origins of the universe in Among the Stars. And TV Shows Ace has a first preview of the event.

Each time you go out in space, so many things can go wrong, says NASA astronaut Captain Chris Cassidy.

Now, the lead-up and the launch for his mission are shown on the Disney+ six-part documentary series, Among The Stars, which streams on Wednesday, October 6.

Among The Stars captures the last attempt of the previous era of space travel through shuttle astronauts, and it will cover what the future holds with NASA’s plans to return to the moon, and the commercial partnerships pushing the agencies further out into space.

TV Shows Ace has the very first look:

About the docuseries Among The Stars

The six-part series from Fulwell 73 will be made available on October 6, the entire series follows NASA Astronaut Captain Chris Cassidy and a team of engineers, flight controllers, and specialists for his very last mission to space.

This docuseries is produced by Fulwell 73, as it immerses viewers with NASA astronaut Captain Chris Cassidy as he enters the spaceship for one last mission.

Over the course of two years, the producers stitch together intimate footage, personal video diaries, and even Livestream footage taken on Earth and in space.

This allows the viewers to gain a unique perspective and a first look at the important team of experts who come together to take on these dangerous and thought-provoking flights to space for the good of humanity, regardless of borders.

The imagery shows their successes and some failures behind the scenes as the critically important NASA mission of repairing a $2 billion science experiment, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), is underway. The goal of that Spectrometer aimed to reveal the origins of the universe.

To repair the AMS, former Navy Seal Captain Cassidy and his team are put to the test: To complex spacewalks, but the story quickly becomes a collective efforts tale about the broader team at NASA, their roles, and the joint efforts made to make this mission of repair a success.

Adding drama is the fact Cassidy’s team on the ground is under immense pressure to finalize everything, as Cassidy’s last mission soon becomes uncertain as the world succumbs to a pandemic and lockdown from COVID-19.

Disney+ said:

Filmed with different space agencies across the globe — from NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston to the European Space Agency in Cologne to the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency outside of Tokyo and the Russian Space Agency in Star City — viewers are transported around the world as they follow Captain Cassidy in his training to depart to the International Space Station.

TV Shows Ace was sent the preview of Among The Stars:

Disney+ Among The Stars streams on Wednesday, October 6.

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