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BUSTED!!! Adam Busby Catches Hazel Red-Handed (See Picture)

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Hazel Busby of OutDaughtered was BUSTED by Adam this morning. What did daddy catch the adorable little quit doing before school? Turns out, she was trying to smuggle a few things to school with her! Seven things to be exact. What exactly was Hazel Busby trying to smuggle to school with her this morning? Check out an adorable photo of the OutDaughtered quint getting BUSTED, red-handed for her sneaky moment.

Outdaughtered Adam busby Instagram
Outdaughtered Adam Busby Instagram


Adam Busby shares silly picture of Hazel caught red-handed

Getting Hazel Busby and her sisters ready for school this morning, Adam noticed something was a little off. For some reason, Hazel’s backpack seemed a little fuller than the rest of her sisters. What did she have in that backpack that was causing it to bulge out so much?

Eager to get to the bottom of it, Adam Busby asked his daughter Hazel what exactly she had stuffed in her backpack. Why was it so full? Turns out, she was trying to be sneaky. She was hoping to smuggle a few things to school with her!

According to Adam, his daughter tried to smuggle not one, but SEVEN stuffed animals in her backpack this morning. The OutDaughtered father shares a photo of Hazel with her stuffed animals wrapped in her arms. She has a huge smile on her face. Clearly proud of her attempt to smuggle some things to school. Adam admitted in the caption it was her attempt to smuggle so many stuffed animals in that backpack that got her busted.

Outdaughtered Hazel Busby Facebook

OutDaughtered fans tickled, react to the sweet moment

Fans of OutDaughtered always love seeing a Hazel Busby update on their feed. And, they were here for this silly and sneaky moment. One fan jokingly told daddy to be “fair” and just let her take six of the seven stuffed animals to school.

A little further down in the comments, a teacher admitted that she’s seen some pretty hilarious things smuggled into the backpacks of little ones. She added that she awaits the day someone smuggles one of their pets to school.

Outdaughtered Hazel Busby Instagram

In documenting this sweet moment, Adam makes it clear Hazel didn’t really get in much trouble for her attempt to be sneaky. It was just a silly little moment this morning that he decided to share with fans.

Are you happy Adam Busby shares these sweet moments with fans? Do you think Hazel would have been successful if she had tried to smuggle fewer stuffed animals? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the OutDaughtered family.

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