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Savannah Chrisley Shuts Down Grayson’s Sketchy Dating Approach

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It’s hard to believe Grayson Chrisley is old enough to date now and that’s probably true for his sister Savannah Chrisley. Recently Grayson went to Homecoming reminding fans that he’s grown up. Todd posted a picture of him saying he’s very, “proud of their baby.” The Chrisley Knows Best siblings discussed this very thing in a recent clip with Chase Chrisley and it seems Grayson might be in over his head.

Grayson is fifteen years old now and fans started to follow him when he was seven. He’s grown up with fans of the show. A lot of those fans think he and Savannah look a lot alike. He does have an Instagram account, but in the bio it says Todd Chrisley also runs it. On a post with his sister, Grayson said, “she’s been my best friend my whole life and I am glad for that.”

What Advice Did Savannah Chrisley Steer Grayson Away From

In the clip below, Savannah Chrisley is telling Grayson not to take advice from Chase. It seems like the youngest Chrisley has gotten himself into a situation. First, she wants to know why he thinks taking dating advice from Chase is a good idea. She tells him, “you have to treat girls with respect.” Savannah tells him he should have told them about each other.

Savannah and Grayson Chrisley, Instagram

Sounds like Grayson is trying to date more than one girl. Savannah tells him to come clean because that’s his best choice. Chase agrees with Savannah that he should tell them about each other. He acts impressed saying, “I mean I honestly didn’t think you had it in you to pull it off.” In the end, Grayson seems to agree coming clean is the best course of action for him.

Fans Commented On The Situation As Well

One said, “big sis Sassy has the best advice.” One jokingly said, “advice: don’t be Chase.” A third said, “well they know now,” speaking of the girls watching this episode. Lots of fans told Grayson to take his sister’s advice. Of course, fans also took the opportunity to talk negatively about Savannah.

One said, “not a Savannah fan, but she’s right.” Lots said to leave her face alone and lay off the Botox. Savannah has addressed this before. In the past, she said she didn’t have a boob job but she has had a nose job, and basically, it’s no one’s business what she does to her face.

What do you think about Grayson being able to date? Do you think he’s going to turn out like Chase when it comes to dating? Comment with your thoughts below and come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Chrisley. 

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