Kim Kardashian Saves Widowed Mother And Four Children From Eviction

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Kim Kardashian is rarely in the news for overtly positive things but this week, she’s changing it up.  This week, news broke that Kanye’s estranged wife saved a widowed mother and her children from a horrible fate. Read on to find out what this celeb did to help out this family in need.

The Pandemic Victimizes Another Family

The Covid-19 pandemic has been extremely hard on a lot of people. This is especially true for single parents and families who have been affected by the dive in our economy. Single mom, Angelia Cantrell knows the struggle more intimately than most. After losing her husband to Covid, Angelia was laden with the daunting task of raising her triplet sons and daughter all alone.

In hopes of creating a fresh start for her family, Angelia moved out of state and found a decent job that she felt would give her the best chance of supporting her family. Unfortunately, she herself would soon fall victim to Covid, and an extended period of not being able to work would set her finances back in a drastic way. The mom-of-4 fell several months behind on rent. Angelia’s other bills started piling up as well and unfortunately, digging out of the financial hole had become nearly impossible.

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Kim Kardashian Hears A Mother’s Cry For Help

Angelia Cantrell’s situation quickly became dire.  As expenses piled up, the family soon found themselves facing eviction and ultimately, homelessness.  This devoted mom reached out to local charities and aid organizations, hoping to find a way to keep a roof over her children’s heads. At the time, no help could be found. Programs had all run out of funding and the darkness was starting to close in.

As a last resort, this desperate matriarch started a GoFundMe account, hoping that perhaps the kindness of strangers might be the answer to her prayer. According to ET, Angelia used social media to share her GoFundMe with numerous celebrities, asking them only for the time it took to share the link to her fundraiser. She reached out to actresses Alaina Huffman and Lisa Berry from Supernatural and to her surprise, both celebs not only shared her story but also kicked in $100 to help this struggling mom take care of her family.

On a whim, Angelia also reached out to Armenian reality celeb, Kim Kardashian, never expecting to get a response. Fortunately, Kim, a mother herself, heard the woman’s cries for help and stepped in to help in a big way.

Kim K Saves The Day

Angelia Cantrell never expected in a million years that celebrities that she had never met would want to help her. Soon after the ladies from Supernatural had lent a hand, this courageous mom got the surprise of a lifetime when she checked on the progress of her GoFundMe page to see a huge donation from none other than Kim Kardashian herself. The infamous SKIMS creator had generously donated $3,000 to the family, literally saving them from impending eviction.

Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian West| Instaram

In an interview with E!, Cantrell reveals when the notification came in, she only had a few hours to gather the funds before her eviction was finalized.  Angelia says that she is blessed and thankful. She revealed in the interview that she has always done her best to keep her faith and prayed daily forgot to help her find a way. “This is one of the biggest miracles God has given,” she gushed.

As of now, 32 people have donated to Angelia’s GoFundMe campaign. So far, she has raised $4,885 of the $8,000 they have set as their current goal. If you would like to read more about Angelia’s story, you can check out her personal page here. 

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