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Exclusive: ’90 Day Fiance’ Fernanda Flores Gives Update, Shares New ‘Bottlewear’ Collection

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TV Shows Ace recently got the opportunity to speak to Fernanda Flores of 90 Day Fiance. She just came out with a new “bottlewear” collection plus gave a few updates. Keep reading if you want to know how Fernanda Flores is doing now.

Fernanda Flores Talks “Bottlewear”

Tell us about your new bottlewear collection.

“It’s a micro collection in every way from the size (inches tall) to how many units exist in the world. There are only 100 made, so it’s extremely limited edition. I’m very proud of this collection. I reached out to Korbel to see how I could work with their brand since I’m a fan of their Rose. Korbel got back to me with the Hispanic Heritage Month opportunity. They chose me to amplify my American success story but also asked me to bring my culture and what I love most to the campaign.

I presented ideas based on adult designs I had sketched a while back. I thought why not go mini with these designs and create something different. I decided to re-purpose the adult designs and presented the idea of “bottlewear” to the brand. Korbel thought my idea was original and stood out from the rest, so we moved forward to create this magical tiny collection of four pieces that are inspired by my heritage and many parts of my life. The collection includes a tiny sombrero, a dress and 2 ponchos.

My grandmother was a huge inspiration for this collection. My last name is Flores, which means flowers in Spanish. It felt organic for me to partner with a “rose” champagne. You’ll also find embroidered roses throughout the collection, which also pays homage to traditional handcrafted details. I wanted this project to be as authentic as possible, which is why I partnered with Mexican designer, Takasmi on this.”

Fernanda Flores with permission

Do you have plans to do any more “bottlewear”?

“As of right now, no. This collaboration with Korbel was special to my heart for Hispanic Heritage Month. It was an extension of my culture and my brand.”

Update From Fernanda

Are you working on anything else at the moment?

“This collaboration inspired me to dream bigger and work on my own swimwear/activewear collection that I’d like to release in the next few years.”

Can you give fans any updates on your love life?

“I am currently living in Miami with my boyfriend. I am the happiest I have ever been within myself and in a relationship. However, life it’s a rollercoaster and I enjoy sharing my journey with fans on my social media as well as Reality TV.”

Will we see you on reality TV again?

“Yes, there’s a lot of exciting things coming!”

What social networks are best to follow you on?

“Instagram as @ferfloresoficial

TikTok as @ferfloresoficial

YouTube Fernanda Flores”

Stay tuned because you never know when you will see Fernanda Flores on your television again.

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