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Ariana Grande Throws Shade To Blake Shelton On ‘The Voice’

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Blake Shelton, the singer of “God’s Country” and “Boys ‘Round Here,” has always been the one to poke fun at the other coaches on The Voice. He might have met his match though with the addition of Ariana Grande! Many have tried to poke back at Blake, including Kelly Clarson and Adam Levine. Though none have been as successful as the singer of “Dangerous Woman” and many other hits, Ariana Grande.

Ariana’s Guns Are Blazing

Even before she appeared in Season 21 of The Voice, Ariana Grande was already taking swings at Blake Shelton. Before the premiere, she took to Instagram to post an edit of him. The edit was of the iconic scene from the movie Mean Girls where Regina George adds her own picture to The Plastics’ well-known Burn Book to frame her friends. To the amusement of everyone who saw it, Blake Shelton’s picture was added instead of Regina George’s! It’s very “on brand” for Ariana, whose extremely popular music video of “Thank U, Next” was Mean Girl’s themed as well. Fans were laughing their heads off.

Many fans were commenting saying things like “I’m screaming” and “this is amazing” over Grande’s hilarious post. One of the other coaches in the show even got involved when he commented “Fantastic” to the post, which just added insult to injury for the poor country singer. Blake Shelton himself even commented, “Ok little buddy…This is WAR!” War it is, but who will win?

Ariana Grande Instagram

Who Is Next On Ariana’s Hit List on The Voice?

The other coaches aren’t safe though. Ariana Grande is out for blood! While the star was competing with John Legend, the singer of “All Of Me” and “You & I,” to get the contestant Katie Rae Mortimer on one of their teams, Ariana cut off John in the middle of his pitch to the contestant. She didn’t do it in just any normal fashion though. No, she had a buzzer custom-made to play “Thank U, Next” when pressed. She calmly pressed it, with a sassy smirk, in the middle of his speech. This caused her hit song to play out for everyone in the audience to hear. Kelly Clarkson, another coach on the show, couldn’t contain her laughter. She began howling with amusement in front of everyone. Ariana is ruthless!

John Legend was a wonderful sport though. He quickly pressed the button again and started dancing to the extremely catchy song. After the show, John even tweeted a clip of the whole ordeal with the caption “Well played @ArianaGrande…well played!” Well played indeed, Ariana! It’s all fun and games though and none of the stars have any issues with each other, but fans can’t wait to see what other shenanigans Grande has up her sleeve for the future. The coaches on The Voice had better watch out!

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  1. You’ve got that wrong, they are ALL always picking and making fun of Blake, he’s just giving it back to them. She’s nothing but a showoff and thinks she’s real hot stuff and loves to throuw it around.

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