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Nanny Faye Has Chase Chrisley Blushing With The Junk In Her Trunk

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You truly never know what Nanny Faye Chrisley might say or to who. Nanny has given a lot of amazing clips over her time on Chrisley Knows Best. Fans love it the most when she makes her son or grandson uncomfortable.

Fans love the dynamic between Nanny Faye and Chase Chrisley on the show.  One fan said, “man I love these two. They always make me laugh.” One incident where Nanny Faye showed her spicy side happened when she bought some ceramic rabbits. After Chase complimented their beauty she had some more educational things to allow.

First Nanny asked Chase if he knew what rabbits represented. Then she proceeded to junk thrust and say, “bang, bang.” After Chase looks embarrassed, Nanny told him she doesn’t know how he’ll learn things without her telling him. Nanny also likes to embarrass her son telling Todd she wrote an erotic story and it got published.

What Crazy Question Did She Ask Chase?

In a clip shared on Instagram, Nanny Faye Chrisley shocked her grandson once again. Nanny  innocently asked Chase what someone saying, “she has a lot of junk in her trunk means.” She indicated someone had said it about her. Chase takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes. He says, “you got a lot of a**” Nanny smirks and says, “they always said I did.”

Fans love their dynamic and the conversations they have. They do feel like Nanny usually has a good idea of what will get a rise out of her grandson. The followers loved this clip posting lots of peach emojis which represents the bum. A fan posted, “ell’em nanny that junk is worth a lot, cuz it’s antique.” Another fan said, “these two have such a rare wonderful friendship.”

Nanny Faye Chrisley Loves Taking It Too Far

One fan said, “Nanny Faye always playing innocent. I think she knows what that means.” Other followers agree Nanny knew exactly what she was doing. She’s said naughty things to get a rise out of Chase before. In a recent episode of Chrisley Knows Best, Nanny really played the part of hustler when she decided she was a fortune-teller. She even wore a turban and broke out a crystal ball for the role.

She accurately guessed the number Chase was thinking of and determined she had a gift. Taking it too far as Nanny is known to do, she went to the senior center and started doing readings. Of course, she got found out in the end, but the level of commitment is something to applaud.

What do you think about Nanny Faye’s latest shenanigans? Comment with your thoughts down below. Keep coming back to TV Shows Ace for all things Chrisley Knows Best.

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