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Chase Chrisley Shuts Down Todd, Gets Good Qualities From Julie

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On a new episode of Chrisley Knows Best, Chase Chrisley puts his father in his place. Fans know Todd Chrisley has a high opinion of himself. He’s smart and well-dressed and knows it. He expects his children to hold themselves to a high standard, as well. He’s always pushed them from the time they were young to motivate them to work hard.

In the newest episode of the show, Savannah Chrisley is getting some unsolicited advice about her makeup business. She just wants to hang with her dad, but he’s in full business partner mode. He renamed some of her lipsticks and did things she didn’t ask him to do.

Later a conversation with Chase, Todd once again reestablishes who his kids take after. He thinks the kids get being late from Julie and all of the good qualities from him.

Chase has a different opinion about where he gets his personality from.

Chase Chrisley Sets Todd Straight

When they are talking in the kitchen on a USA Instagram clip, Todd is listing all the qualities Chase Chrisley and his sister got from him. He says, “All the beauty, compassion, kind-heartedness, business intelligence. Where do you think, your best qualities come from?” When Chase responds, he doesn’t even think about it for a minute. He says, “My mother.”

Chase Chrisley, Instagram

Nanny Faye gets the big laugh because she agrees with him. She says, “Amen,” which earns a hug from Chase while Todd mocks their laughing. One fan commented on the post and said, “He had also said ‘and Nanny Faye.’ They cut it out. That’s why she says Amen.”

Fans Mostly Agree With The Younger Chrisley

The followers agree with Chase Chrisley. One says, “So true!!! Julie has it going on.” Another said, “Julie is one of my favorite TV moms, Nanny Faye is one of my favorite grandmas.”

Other fans think that Todd just wants the best for Savannah. He reminded her that when he signed on to help with the business, he told her he was going to push her. Chase pointed out to his sister, she’s just like Todd. She’s laser-focused on her business, she just couldn’t see it. He tells her she’s just as uptight as Todd is about her business.

Fans really supported Julie and mentioned Todd is always the first to toot his own horn. They said, “Takes a REAL woman to put up with a man like Todd Chrisley.”

What’s your opinion on which parent gave the good traits to their offspring? Do you agree with Todd or Chase? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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