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‘BIP’ Spoilers: How Did Ivan Hall Break The Rules?

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Ivan Hall made an impression on the last episode of Bachelor in Paradise by going after what he wanted. What he wanted was Chelsea Vaughn. The problem with that, she already had a connection with Aaron Clancy. The two had words on the beach and the episode ended in a cliff-hanger, of course. Who will get her rose? Aaron gave Chelsea a little run-way show and she seemed to dig it. Ivan pulled her and they shared a hot kiss.

When Aaron saw he flew into a rage. He said some choice words about Ivan and then, “dude is built like a chopstick—I’ll snap him in half.” Some interesting news came out about Ivan thanks to Reality Steve. It seems the aeronautical engineer took advantage of the storm that sent all the cast members away for safety. Read on to see which rule he broke.

What Did Ivan Hall Do To Break The Rules?

The cast, including Ivan Hall (who could have been in danger of going home) was sent to hotels to keep them safe from a huge storm. According to Reality Steve, they were separated by gender and were supposed to stay that way. Ivan couldn’t help himself. He tried to covertly go to another cast member’s room. This one hadn’t been on the show yet.  Alexa Caves was on Peter Weber’s season and went home on Week 3. While it was only one night, that night Ivan allegedly stayed with Alexa.

Ivan Hall, Instagram

While Alexa was supposed to come on the show later, she didn’t get to because this is a clear rule violation. Ivan also was kicked off the show. Steve isn’t clear how he found Alexa’s room or how producers found out, but it isn’t clear if Ivan had already been on the way out or not.

The Cast Still Supports Each Other After The Beach

Ivan Hall posted a picture with Deandra Kanu and captioned it, “you are amazing, and the total package @deandrakanu. I’m thankful for our friendship.” Deandra got sent home and a lot of fans thought that was crazy. In the same picture, Maurissa Gunn said, “my babies,” to which Ivan responded, “hi mom.”

Alexa Caves, Instagram

It stands to reason if Ivan was on the verge of getting sent home because Chelsea gave her rose to Aaron, then he was just trying to make the most out of it. He started strong with Jessenia, but with Chris Conran showed up, all bets were off. Fans want Ivan to find love, but it sounds like he couldn’t help being just a bit naughty.

What do you think about Ivan and Alexa? Should they have been sent home? Do you think they would have been a fun couple to watch on Paradise? Comment with all your thoughts down below.

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