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Duggar Cousin Amy King Fires Shots At Uncle Jim Bob’s Family Values

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Duggar cousin Amy King is once again firing shots at her famous family’s belief system. For those who don’t know, Amy is the niece of Jim Bob Duggar. While Amy is related to the Duggar family, she has been open about being her own person. She’s even said she isn’t a Duggar.

Over the years, she has subtly spoken out about the Duggar family, seemingly shading them at times. In response to Josh Duggar’s recent arrest for the possession of child pornography, she has posted several cryptic messages that prove that she’s not supporting him. She recently shared a quote about cutting off toxic family members, which seems to show that she’s disconnecting herself from Jim Bob, Josh, and possibly some other cousins.

Amy has also thrown shade at Jim Bob by dressing differently than he wants his children to dress. The Duggars are expected to dress modestly, but Amy doesn’t follow those rules. She wears swimsuits, tank tops, jeans, and more. Now, she’s proving that she still isn’t following Jim Bob’s rules.

Amy King Instagram, Jill Duggar
Amy King Instagram

Duggar cousin Amy King slams her family’s beliefs once again.

As we reported, Amy recently responded to rumors that she’s expecting her second child with her husband Dillon. A video she shared on Instagram was taken out of context, and fans began asking if she’s pregnant. In response to the rumors, Amy confirmed that she isn’t pregnant. Then, in another comment, she went on to speak out against her uncle Jim Bob again.

One fan wrote, “Great reel! I was hoping it was a pregnancy announcement. Video announcements are becoming the thing. But still great video ❤️” In response, Amy wrote, “Seriously? Hmm.. I think there’s more to life than just being pregnant. ❤️”

As fans know, the Duggar family has many children and doesn’t support the use of birth control. Jim Bob and Michelle have 19 children. Some of their kids have started their own families and appear to be having as many babies as possible. Based on Amy’s reaction to the pregnancy rumors, it looks like she won’t be buying into her family’s values.

So, what do you think of Duggar cousin Amy King’s response to the pregnancy rumors? Do you like that she’s speaking out against Jim Bob and the rest of the Duggar family’s strict beliefs? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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