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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Cast Evacuated Due To A Tropical Storm

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Just as the Bachelor in Paradise cast was getting ready for another big night, producers of the reality television program made it clear things needed to be put on hold.

Already dealing with trying to weather the storm that is finding love on a tropical island, the cast had to weather something else. This time, the weather was actually the weather. As in, an actual tropical storm. With very loud thunder rumbling in the background, the show’s producers approached the set to let everyone know that things were getting serious.

“I know you guys are all expecting there to be a cocktail party and a Rose Ceremony tonight. Uh, unfortunately, that will not be happening,” a producer told the group. “There’s a dangerous tropical storm rapidly approaching.”

That producer went on to explain that as time kept going on, the storm was getting even more dangerous.

“As of an hour ago, it’s headed straight for us.” the exec added. “So for the safety of all of you guys, our staff, and our crew, we are recommending that we evacuate immediately. We actually believe it’s no longer safe for you guys to stay in Paradise.”

While a tropical storm isn’t considered as serious as a hurricane, it’s also considered something that needs to be taken seriously. That meant the cast and crew started frantically packing, trying to stay ahead of the storm.

However, while they were apparently taking things very seriously, viewers of the show had a bit more of a party atmosphere when they got the news.

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Viewers Have Big Laughs

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Fans of the show on Twitter didn’t seem too concerned for the cast. Several had things to say and joked around with comments like, “Y’all it’s literally a tropical storm, the dramatics,” those in paradise weren’t messing around as they quickly packed up their things in what was described as, “a frenzy.”

Those who were watching what was going on didn’t seem all that concerned for the cast. That doesn’t mean they weren’t concerned at all. Several people on Twitter expressed most of their worries towards one of the show’s cameramen. It appears he had to stay behind. He was taking “b-roll” of the storm and its effects on the island.

Storm Rolls Through

There’s very little doubt that those in charge of Bachelor in Paradise took the storm seriously. However, it turns out they over-prepared. Once the storm his the area it turned out it wasn’t as serious as they thought. The effect ended up being not much more than a heavy rain storm.

Still, better safe than sorry when talking about a weather event. Better evacuating than losing a member of the Bachelor in Paradise cast in an accident that could have been prevented.

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