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Moriah Plath Sticks It To Her Strict Parents With New Instagram Photo

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Welcome To Plathville star Moriah Plath continues to win the family rebel label with her latest Instagram photo. Moriah is not worrying about what her strict family thinks about her public PDA with her boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt.

Moriah is breaking the family rules left and right and looks as if she is having a lot of fun doing it. 19-year-old Moriah Plath looks adorable, snuggling up with Max to snap some Instagram photos.

The TLC star has been at odds with her strict Christian family because she has chosen to live her life very differently than her parents want her to. The black crop top, bold purple hair, and bright pink lips are only a few ways Moriah Plath claims she wants to get her point across to her parents Kim and Barry Plath.

Moriah Plath Instagram

Moriah Plath Reveals She Is Living Life Her Way

Upon posting the kiss photo, Moriah lets Max know how she feels and how much she misses him.  “I miss you a little all the time,” she captions the photo. The photo caught Max’s attention, and he quickly responded: “Constantly missing your purple head and black heart.”

While Moriah is well aware of how her parents feel about her behavior, she proves to them that she is living her life her way.

 Kim and Barry Plath have raised their children with limited technology, no sugar, and on a farm way outside their smalltown’s city limits. But, as some of the children have grown older, they have made some tough decisions.

Per The Sun, Moriah Plath claims moving out of her family home with her brother Micah Plath has been the best decision she has made in a long time.

 Moriah said: “In the last six months so much has changed. I moved out of the house slash got kicked out. I had got to the point where I was just starving for freedom and didn’t follow the rules my parents had set. “My parents were shielding me or protecting me, whatever, from the outside world. They tried to control everything literally, what we ate and wore. Jeans or any type of tank top were out of the question. Swimsuits were an absolute no. 

Moriah Plath Instagram

Kim And Barry Plath Compared To Duggars

“I felt like an outsider in the real world. I didn’t feel normal.”

Moriah’s issues with her parents tend to pale compared to what her big brother Ethan and his wife Olivia  Plath have dealt with since their marriage.

Ethan is not on good terms with his mom and dad. As a result, he is being forced to choose between his wife and his family, tearing him up inside. Kim Plath feels Olivia is a bad influence on the younger children who still reside at home. This has forced Ethan to steer clear of any contact with his parents.

The Plath’s have a very strict set of rules for the family to follow. For example, the kids are not permitted to watch TV, use the Internet, or cell phones. The only time they are allowed to use the one family computer is under the strict watchful eye of their mom, Kim.

The family rules are starting to also wear on the younger children, especially Lydia. She is at an age where she wants to interact. And boys are becoming more important.  Lydia feels she is starting to be held back by her mother.

Fans love the show; however, many feel that Kim and Barry Plath may want to research another famous family who attempted to control their family too much. The Duggars. Things, in the end, have not worked out well at all for them.

Welcome To Plathville airs Tuesday Nights on TLC.


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