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Chase Chrisley Really Doesn’t Understand The Pope

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Chase Chrisley is probably smart enough to get by. He’s been around enough and done enough that he’s got knowledge about certain subjects.

However, while he might know plenty about all kinds of different things, it turns out that he doesn’t know much about the leader of the Catholic Church. His lack of understanding of the Pope came to light in a new trailer for an upcoming episode of Chrisley Knows Best.

It turns out that the reality tv star even surprised his parents when it came to his confusion about the pontiff. Luckily, Todd was able to set him straight when he talked about something he’d been thinking about over the last few days.

Chase made it clear just how badly he was confused when his parents were plenty appalled and yet he didn’t back off of what he was saying.

Chase Chrisley And The Pope’s Dating Life

In the video that Chase posted to his official Instagram account, he was riding in the back of Todd’s car when he made the revelation. It’s not entirely clear why he had turned his attention to the Pope but it was clear that he was most interested in the idea of someone who isn’t in the holy man’s life.

Chase Chrisley
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While riding in the back of the car Chase started the conversation by saying “you know what I’ve been thinking about?” Chase’s mom indugled him by asking what he was thinking about, but it appears that Tod knew something was coming. He responded with “here we go,” before Chase could continue with his line of thought.

“I’ve never seen the Pope’s wife,” Chase began. “I’ve never seen her make a statement.”

Julie then dropped the news that seemed to really shock he son. “The Pope isn’t married.”

But the Chrisley Knows Best star wasn’t done. He was quite confused about the whole situation. It turned out that he apparently thought that sooner or later, the Pope would marry a nun.

Todd had to explain to him that the Pope takes a vow of celibacy. That particular revelation seemed to blow the younger Chrisley’s mind.

Fans Join In The Fun

It didn’t take long after Chase had to have the Pope explained to him that fans joined in piling on. There were all sorts of comments from his followers. Most seemed to be as flabbergasted as his parents that he didn’t know such a basic fact.

“Hahahahaahahahahahahahahahah that’s great,” one follower wrote.

“Lol I am screaming,” another fan posted. “He thought the Pope was married I almost peed.”

“It’s the look on your face after you hear “vow of celibacy” for me,” one more fan wrote in the comments. “Like who does that?”

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