Jenelle Evans Reveals She Wants To Go On ‘DWTS’

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Jenelle Evans has too much time on her hands, according to her TikTok followers. So the former Teen Mom 2 star has come up with a new idea for employment today. Evans loves to dance, as her TikTok followers know by the numerous dance videos she loves to share. However, it looks as if Jenelle has a theory to her madness regarding her dance video shares.

The mother of three hopes to make her return to television as a future Dancing With the Stars contestant per The Hollywood Gossip. Hold on now! If you follow Jenelle at all, you are aware that she hasn’t been gainfully employed for long periods of time since her firing from MTV.


Jenelle Evans Feels Her Dancing Skills Are Ready For The Next Level

Her makeup line didn’t really seem to take off. Then, Evan’s recent attempts at hosting a podcast. However, since Jenelle’s story ran on MTV Teen Mom 2 she feels she has reached celebrity status.

Jenelle Evans considers herself a social media influencer. Though many are not quite sure what she believes, she influences others to do. She also recently claims she is suffering from some severe health issues that prevent her from working. Evans claims that she can barely get out of bed to do anything most days, but she works a job. However, the one thing that Jenelle Evans is successful at is shocking her followers with her latest ventures and ideas.

“Damn, Dancing With the Stars should have added me this year,” Evans wrote in her Instagram Story on Thursday. While Jenelle comes across as if she is joking, she is really waiting to see how much feedback she gets on the idea.


No need to worry though, it is highly doubtful that the DWTS producers even really know who Jenelle Evans is, much less would ever offer her a spot on the popular dance competition reality show.

Fans Tell Jenelle To Get A Real JOB

 Not only that, but Jenelle Evans does not have enough talent or charisma to catch the attention of DWTS. If Evans fails to acknowledge that her dancing skills are well, just not good, all she needs to do is read through the hundreds of not-so polite comments left by her followers.


“The only reality that Jenelle Evans needs to do is face it” claims one commenter.

“OMG! Jenelle thinks she has DWTS moves! Someone give that girl a dose of reality!” writes another.

“Face the facts, Jenelle, you are not a celebrity! What you need to do is put down your phone and figure out how to get a real full-time job that pays your bills and takes care of your kids.”

But, Jenelle Evans may feel differently about this. As previously reported, Jenelle claims she makes ALMOST as much money now as she did working for MTV.

If true, then Jenelle Evans, David Eason, and her family are doing okay financially. It is just that Jenelle is the only one who claims to buy into that statement. What are your thoughts on Jenelle Evans’ latest money-making dreams?


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