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Tickled Fans Describe Todd Chrisley As Proper Appearance, Savage Soul 

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Tickled Chrisley Knows Best fans admit Todd Chrisley is a man with a “proper appearance” and a “savage soul.” Todd isn’t someone who keeps his opinions to himself. He always speaks his mind and lets his children know what he really thinks. He dresses well and always looks put together. If someone who didn’t watch the show looked at him, they would think he spoke and acted like a proper gentleman.

The Chrisley matriarch loves pulling pranks on his children. He loves his family and they’ve had to deal with several rumors over the years. Like most people in the spotlight, there are always media outlets looking for dirt. The Chrisleys also had a troubling year when they were accused of tax evasion.

Todd Chrisley Is Savage And Proper For Sure

That brought a lot of negativity to their social media. They kept their heads up high and didn’t let it bother them one bit. At the time they were open about it on the podcast. They said, “On this episode of Chrisley Confessions, We update everyone on more employees who have left the Georgia Department of Revenue.” They said those that were working against them left the department because they were in the wrong. They didn’t take the accusations laying down.

Todd Chrisley Instagram
Todd Chrisley Instagram

The post that really got fans going was a text post on Todd Chrisley’s Instagram. It said, “I’m not cleaning up a single rumor about me. IDGAF what you heard. Go hear it again.” His kids were the first to comment on the post. Chase said, “facts.” Savannah said, “tell ’em.” One fan agreed and said, “good one you are right .. we need no judgment .. we need love peace health, and happiness.”

Another fan drew heat for commenting on the language Todd used in the post. They said, “you need to put money in the jar for your cussing.” Fans told them not to judge because they had a swearing jar that is completely full. One commenter envied the reality star saying, “I wish I had that kind of mindset.”

Fans Agreed With The Comment Above

Fans agreed that Todd Chrisley is a savage dad in a country club package. One said, “right? I think Todd has another side. I bet he would go crazy on somebody if they jumped him. Still waters run deep.” Another took it a step further and said, “that’s proper southern, baby.” Todd and his whole family give a southern kindness, but don’t mess with my family kind of vibe.

Do you think Todd Chrisley comes off as having a savage soul and a proper personality? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Chrisley family!

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