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Kate Gosselin Broke: Reality TV Funds Dried Up, Forced To Get Real Job

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Is former TLC personality Kate Gosselin broke? Rumors are swirling the reality TV funds may have died up forcing the former Kate Plus 8 star to get a real job. According to multiple media outlets, the former reality TV star just made a huge decision regarding her career. What big decision did she make? And, why do Kate Plus 8 fans think the former TV personality is broke? Keep reading, we’ve got the scoop.

Kate Gosselin broke rumors swirl as she renews her nursing license

The Sun first reported that Kate Gosselin moved to North Carolina. The North Carolina Board of Nursing confirms the former TLC personality obtained her registered nursing license within the state on June 30, 2021. According to Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball, the license she actually attained was a multi-state license.

As those who have followed the reality TV star know, Kate has not practiced as a nurse in years. She, however, has gone through the effort of keeping her status as a nurse from expiring. Fellow RNs have chimed in to note it is not that strange for a nurse to keep their license active even if they aren’t actively practicing. Fans, however, find her effort to keep her license from expiring strange because Kate Gosselin never came off as a person who actually enjoyed being a nurse. In fact, there were a lot of rumors that she also wasn’t very good at being a nurse.

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Did the reality TV funds dry up?

Kate Gosselin hasn’t worked a “real job” in a very long time. Her reality TV series ended on July 24, 2017. So, most fans assume the income she earned from the show has all dried up by now. Moreover, the former reality TV mother hasn’t done much to earn an income. So, with her selling her home, moving, and obtaining a license in another state… Fans cannot help but wonder if this means Kate Gosselin is broke.

Noticeably, Kate hasn’t utilized the normal venues reality TV stars have for earning income. For example, she hasn’t been active on social media in a very long time. She, however, has written a few books that have presumably earned her some income.

Fans know Kate Gosselin lives a pretty lavish lifestyle. And, she’s only in her 40’s. So, she is eventually going to have to take on some form of career path to get the funds rolling again.

Do you think Kate Gosselin is broke? Is she going to make money as an RN? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the TLC personality.


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