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Duggar Fans LOVE Jinger Vuolo’s Embrace Of Addictive Substances

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No caption is necessary for the recent photo Jeremy Vuolo posts of his beautiful bride, Jinger Vuolo. From the looks of the comment section, fans are all about what they see in this post. Keep reading to find out what Duggar fans have to say about Jinger’s embrace of an addictive substance.

Jeremy Vuolo shares stunning photo of wife, fans notice something else

Recently, Jeremy takes to his Instagram to share a playful photo of his wife. While the pic is without a caption, it’s apparent that the American soccer player turned theologian is proud of his wife. In the photo, the former 19 Kids and Counting star is wearing a light brown short-sleeved shirt that she has tucked into shorts. It’s worth mentioning that these shorts are very modest. They look like they’re not too far away from her knees.

Par for the course when a Duggar woman is seen in anything but a skirt, fans in the comment section make sure to point out that Jinger is wearing shorts. However, they aren’t made about it. One of the comments reads as follows.

Love how she got away from the grips of her family and gets to live her life unapologetically GOOD FOR JINGER!! Jesus doesn’t care that you wear shorts, and good for Jeremy for being a support husband.”

What’s in the comments to come, may shock fans.

Jinger Vuolo
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Jinger Duggar fan leaves a shocking comment about addictive substances

We all know that it’s refreshing to see a Duggar express their individuality. What one fan says in the comment section is shocking. The fan boldly insinuates that the coffee Jinger is holding is an addictive substance. Luckily, the fan can explain themself.

The comment reads “I love how this family is so comfortable sharing how they have embraced addictive substances!” Then, someone chimes in for clarification, and the original commenter responds. The response reads, “the caffeine in that coffee is addictive. It is the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug. Caffeine can produce a form of drug dependence- associated with withdrawal symptoms such as sleepiness, head, and irritability.”


Jinger Vuolo Instagram
Jeremy Vuolo Instagram – Wife Jinger

Long story short, it all seems to be a matter of cultural difference. The original commenter goes on to write, “I will never understand how, in some cultures, people are threatened when someone from another culture shares their opinion.” Unfortunately, their account is private, so we’re unable to confirm what culture thinks coffee is a psychoactive drug.

What do you think about Jinger Vuolo and her coffee? Let us know your thoughts about this comment exchange in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar news.

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