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Natasha Parker GUTTED By Theory She Schemed With Brendan Morais

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By now Bachelor nation has decided how they feel about the treatment of Natasha Parker on BIP. Brendan Morais made a connection with her but it became apparent he had been waiting for Pieper James. Pieper even told Brendan, “thanks for playing the game.” This outraged fans and shocked other cast members who learned about these conversations while watching the show. Fans also tried to tell Natasha she imagined some of their conversations.

Some fans have alleged maybe Natasha knew what was going on and was in on the plan. They said she needed new followers for her podcast and perhaps she played the game too. These allegations hurt Natasha who spoke out saying this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Natasha Parker Is Hurt By The Accusations

On her podcast Click Bait, which she hosts with Joe Amabile and Tayshia Adams, Natasha Parker addressed the situation. She said some of the things being said are really hurtful. She’s surprised fans think she had anything to do with it.

Natasha said, “People are saying like, ‘Natasha’s not saying the full truth,’ and ‘Natasha was in on it.'” Parker said she never met Brendan before filming and she’d never met Pieper. She said they, “did me so wrong,” according to US Weekly. When rumors that Pieper and Brendan were together after meeting in New York made headlines, the BIP cast was quarantined. She said they didn’t have their phones at that point, so she didn’t know. If she’d known, Natasha said she would have asked him about it immediately.

Natasha Parker, Instagram

She’s Still Emotional About The Situation

Natasha Parker said she doesn’t like hearing that she was a “producer plant,” or that she came to bring them down. She said, “I’m watching this and I’m reliving this and I cried for two weeks on that f–king beach.… To know what they did and the lies that he said. The things that we shared and it was all just fake to him.” Fans reacted to the group forcing Alana Milne and Chris Conran to leave but not Brendan. The cast has said it’s because they weren’t privy to the conversation they are now hearing.

According to Cosmo she posted, “when others disregard you, take advantage, mislead, and choose selfishness that is also a reflection of who they are.” Most fans were on her side throughout the whole thing. While the show aired Natasha tweeted about it. She said, “pick up where we left off?! What am I watching? I can’t even watch this bs.”

What do you think about fans saying Natasha was in on it? Comment with your thoughts below. Bachelor in Paradise returns next Tuesday and the Pieper – Brendan drama is far from over.

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