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Joy-Anna Forsyth Claps Back At Accusation Of Pet Abuse

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Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth‘s daughter Evelyn just turned one! To celebrate her, the family had a little smash cake party, which Joy-Anna posted about on social media. While the Duggars and Forsyths enjoyed celebrating the little one’s birthday, fans aren’t loving Joy-Anna’s post about the party. So, what happened?

Joy-Anna Forsyth slammed over Evelyn’s birthday post.

In Joy-Anna’s birthday post for Evelyn, she revealed that the little girl received two kittens for her first birthday. To give her the kittens, Joy-Ann and Austin placed them in a box with a lid on top. When Gideon, 3, opened the box for his sister, the kids got excited about the kittens and immediately grabbed them and snuggled up.

Joy Duggar Instagram
Joy-Anna Forsyth Instagram

On social media, Joy-Anna is being slammed for putting the kittens in a closed box before giving them to her daughter. One is upset by Joy-Anna’s decision to post this for so many people to see. They write, “So now your 1 million followers will think it’s ok to put kittens in box with no air holes. Great ‘influence.'”

In addition to their concerns about the box, fans are worried about how the little kids are treating the cats. One writes, “Great way to traumatize those kittens. Have a bunch of small children grabbing them. 😢” Another fan chimes in with a piece of advice, writing, “Happy birthday Evelyn.please baby kittens are to tiny and fragile for a 1 year old or a 3 year old..children do not mean to but they hold them to tight (sic).”

Yet another fan writes, “What on EARTH? Those kids are being rough with those TINY and FRAGILE kittens. How about a little supervision??? And how long were they in the box? Sooooooooo many red flags here.”

Joy-Anna Forsyth Instagram
Joy-Anna Forsyth Instagram

Counting On star claps back.

Joy-Anna wants fans to get the story straight. After fans began commenting, asking about whether it’s humane to put kittens in a box, she explained what happened. Joy-Anna wrote, “We put them in the box 1 min before she opened it!” She also added a face-palm emoji.

A couple of other fans are backing Joy-Anna up, adding that they knew the kittens couldn’t have been in there for very long. Another fan sarcastically writes, “Because I’m sure the kittens were in there for 5 hours before they presented her her birthday gift.” Someone else writes, “That did not hurt those kittens! Give me a break!” 

Joy-Anna Forsyth Instagram

While Joy-Anna responded to fans’ concerns about the box, she hasn’t posted anything about the kids allegedly mishandling the kittens.

So, what do you think about the video that Joy-Anna Forsyth shared from her daughter Evelyn’s first birthday? Are you glad she’s sticking up for herself? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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