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Is Duggar Cousin Amy King Leaking Details About Josh’s Latest Scandal?

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Since Josh Duggar was arrested earlier this year, his cousin Amy King has been subtly speaking out against him. In a series of tweets and Instagram posts, Amy has shared messages that appear to be about her cousin, who’s currently awaiting his trial in his latest scandal. She’s seemingly urged his wife Anna to pack her bags in one message, and in another post, she talked about sharing your story.

As we’ve reported, Josh was arrested for the possession of child pornography. Over the past few months, new details about the scandal have come out, revealing pieces of evidence leading to Josh’s arrest.

Amid Josh’s scandal, the Duggar family has been pretty quiet, however. His parents only made one statement about his arrest and have not said anything since. So, we didn’t really know what was going on behind the scenes. But a new source spoke about the family on Wednesday, revealing some interesting details about the family’s life during the scandal.

Anna Duggar Instagram, Josh Duggar children
Anna Duggar Instagram

The source spoke exclusively to People and revealed that the Duggar family isn’t as close as they used to be. The source also revealed that Josh “thinks he’s going to get out of it.” According to the source, Jim Bob “wants to sweep things under the rug.”

Did Duggar cousin Amy King leak info about Jim Bob and Josh?

Duggar critics think it’s possible that Josh’s cousin Amy is the source who revealed more details about the family. In a new tweet on Wednesday, Amy wrote that “she’s taking a break from Twitter.” She said, “I’m also real over being in the news.”

On Reddit, critics point out that Amy’s tweet came just hours after People’s article about the Duggar family. So, they think that Amy could be hinting that she’s the one who leaked the family’s details.

On Reddit, one user writes, “I think she’s trying to admit she was People’s ‘source.'” Another user chimes in, “I love how she thinks she’s relevant. Is this her admitting she was the source?”

More Duggar Snarks add to the conversation. One says, “Is that her way of letting us know she was the leak for the People article.” Yet another says, “It must be exhausting selling your family out every chance you get.”

So, we don’t really know what Amy’s tweet is about. But it looks like it could have something to do with the recent details shared about the Duggar family.

So, do you think that Amy King’s tweet has anything to do with Jim Bob and Josh Duggar? Or do you think she’s talking about something else? Let us know in the comments below.

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