‘Life After Lockup’ Exclusive: The John and Kristianna Saga Continues


WE tv’s post-big house love connection series ‘Life After Lockup does not disappoint and veers into the bizarro world as Kristianna confronts John about flirting with her sister.

In the exclusive TV Shows Ace clip below, Kristianna is tearful as she believes John is lying about flirting with her sister.

She says: “In prison, I had a fairy tale about John and me being together, but everything is very different. I’m trying to roll with the punches, and it just seems like I’m not getting anywhere.”

Also, in the next episode, Shawn awaits his new inmate’s release. Amber fears the worst when Puppy goes M.I.A. Brittany gets conned by a non-con [aka normal non-felonious sort] as John “surprises” Kristianna. Ray had doubts when Britney’s mom refuses to meet him.

About Life After Lockup

Relationships and dating are tough enough, but that complicates the whole Tinder profile game when you are doing time.

Couples navigate the twists and turns of Life After Lockup. With freedom comes responsibilities and schedules, parole restrictions, addiction issues, family feuds, and managing new marriages and old flames. Will they stay together and stay out of prison?

These people face parole, restrictions, and temptations to break the rules, some may break old habits, but it is hard.

WEtv says:

There are still plenty of firsts to tackle in their new lives together. With new jobs, new children, family drama and sobriety, the stakes have never been higher in the fight to stay free. Now that they’ve left prison, will they be able to survive the real world and stay out of prison for good?

John Miller, the marriage-minded man

Iowa native and self-described “impulsive” risk-taker John has approached the whole love match with Kristianna with over-the-top moves.

John Miller is a 46-year-old man whose relationship history is something of a trainwreck. Miller has had four marriages and two engagements. However, John believes he’s found something special with Kristianna. So, as she’s released from prison, John converted his pickup truck into a wedding chapel cum honeymoon suite with the help of his brother Kordell.

Complicating matters is John’s daughter, Sapphire, who is snooping around on her father’s latest love interest when she goes online and looks up Kristianna’s past criminal records.

John insists he shares something special with Kristianna that he hasn’t felt in relationships before. He planned on proposing once Kristianna is at the halfway house. He even rented a limo to pick her up from the prison on release day.

Kristianna had kept John at arm’s length because they had not been intimate yet. They wed, but the wheels came off the wedding wagon soon after. They had a weird wedding night phone call, and John had expressed fear Kristianna “might run” to escape from the halfway house.

His fear is she will slip, but over time, the slipping really was on John’s side of the equation.

Of note, John’s intended, Kristianna Lee Roth, is back in the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women for burglary in the second degree.

Roth is slated to be released in 2023.


Life After Lockup airs this Friday, September 3 at 9 PM ET on WE tv.

April Neale

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