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Maurissa Gunn Shares Sex Positive Message Following Harsh Criticism (Video)

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Maurissa Gunn has been taking a lot of heat from fans slut-shaming her over her intimate date with Riley Christian. She and Riley hit it off on Bachelor in Paradise. The new couple made their way to the “boom boom room” on their first date. Most fans were supportive and realize they are two consenting adults. However, there are some who slammed her for her actions. A few Bachelor Nation stars had her back amid the criticism. Now, Maurissa is speaking out herself about the remarks about her sex-positive attitude.

Maurissa Gunn fires back at trolls

Maurissa Gunn went to Instagram to share a video and remarks about the criticism she’s received. She shared a video wearing a sex-positive shirt in which she had yes and no questions and answers. This form of Q&A has become popular on TikTok.

Aside from the video she also shared some words for those who have offered support as well as those who have tried to shame her.

Maurissa started her post by saying, “First off, I do want to say thank you to those who have been showing so much love and support.” She went on to say, “I know the video is all fun and games, but I do think something needs to be clarified. I don’t need to explain what I said, because I said it with conviction… However, there are other women that may not be as nonchalant or as indifferent as I am, to handle the kind of criticism that I’ve been receiving, and it’s not okay.”

Maurissa said, “To my next point, it’s OK FOR WOMEN TO LIKE SEX! Sex is a 2 person act, so there shouldn’t be a double standard regarding which gender can openly like it, and which gender should be timid about their enjoyment.”

She went on to say most of the negativity she receives is from other women. Maurissa said it’s hard enough being a woman in today’s society without added negative comments. She encouraged other women to lift each other up instead of tear each other down.

Maurissa concluded by saying, “I hope this message is received with love and kindness.”

Other Bachelor alums have her back

Becca Kufrin and Connor Brennan have had Maurissa’s back. Becca fired back at trolls who tried to judge her. She said times have changed and it’s not something that others should look down on. Everyone points out there are too many double standards between men and women.

Connor B. also defended Maurissa. He said it’s none of his business what two consenting adults do behind closed doors. Therefore, it’s not anyone else’s business either.

Riley also addressed the situation in a roundabout way on Instagram. He basically said others shouldn’t be judging. He said those who are making judgments should know he sees them and is judging them as well.

What do you think about Maurissa’s message?


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