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Austin Forsyth’s Father Terry TRASHES Facebook: ‘Tool Of The Devil’

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Austin Forsyth’s father Terry took to Facebook for what he declared was the first time ever to trash the platform. He declared it was the “tool of the devil.” And, he had no plans of returning to post or spend any more time on Facebook. What is it that got Austin’s father Terry so upset with the social media platform in the first place? Fortunately, he did explain before abandoning the platform for good.

Joy - Anna Duggar Forsyth - Austin Forsyth Instagram
Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth – Austin Forsyth Instagram

Austin’s Forsyth’s father Terry blasts Facebook as the devil’s tool

“This is my first and last post,” Austin’s father declared. He proceeded to explain at as a “follower of CHRIST” he could not in good conscious continue to use such a disgusting platform.

I know Facebook has an agenda. I’m convinced my LORD does not want me to waste the time and be exposed to the filth that is pervasive on Facebook. I only had an account to use the marketplace but the ads and other pop ups are trash also. I honestly believe this is a tool of the devil. So to all my so called friends this is good bye. If you want to visit give me a call sometime. Terry.”

A few days ago, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball reported there was one other big issue in what Austin’s father Terry Forsyth posted. This wasn’t the first time he’d posted on Facebook. A quick scroll through his profile reveals he’s posted on Facebook plenty of times over the years.

Austin Forsyth

Wait, aren’t those perverse ads and popups targeted?

Now, Duggar Snarks surfaced on Facebook to call attention to what Austin Forsyth’s father Terry posted too. They pointed out that advertisements and popups on Facebook are almost always targeted. So, that bodes one simple question. What is Terry Forsyth looking up or talking about that’s causing these “trash” advertisements as he refers to them to pop up in the first place?

Other Duggar Snarks pointed out Facebook was not an airport. So, it wasn’t necessary for Terry Forsyth to announce his arrival or his departure.

What do you make of Austin Forsyth’s father Terry trashing Facebook as a tool of the devil? Do you agree with him? Or, do you think he needs to take a harder look at his own search history? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Duggar news.

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