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Is ‘BIP’ Kenny Braasch Really Naked Under The Box Or Is It Clever Editing?

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Fans have been going back and worth trying to decide if Bachelor in Paradise contestant Kenny Braasch is really naked under the black box. He got Bachelor Nations’ attention when he showed up seemingly naked and ready to find love on the beach. As he seemingly covers himself it leaves fans asking if it’s real or something producers asked him to do. Is it just clever editing to spice things up?

Fans want to know if Kenny Braasch is really naked

Kenny Braasch made his Paradise debut seemingly completely naked. He’s even commented he was naked in an interview. However, many believe it was simply editing at its finest. Kenny kind of made a name for himself for being naked. He’s obviously not afraid of it. He actually was naked in Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette as well.

Plus, in the past, he’s modeled and it’s quite obvious he was wearing nothing. Someone actually tweeted that past pic which can be seen by clicking here.

Kenny said in an interview, “I showed up naked. Well, it all started, like, back on Clare’s season. We had a couple dates where I was naked and then we just sort of went with that. That’s really the only reason I was invited, I think.”

He basically said when they need someone to walk in naked they call him. While showing up naked is entertaining, it’s most likely editing and not really Kenny showing up completely nude. Most likely Kenny was wearing a speedo. However, so far they are sticking strongly to the naked story at least for his actual entrance. But, even if he was naked he didn’t remain that way.

A fan shared an editing mess-up on TikTok that proved he wasn’t always naked. In one shot the black box is covering Kenny’s crotch area. In another shot, the box is gone and Kenny is quite obviously wearing swim trunks. The video can be seen below.

Other facts about Kenny

Here are some other facts to know about Kenny other than the fact he apparently likes being naked. Kenny is a boy band manager. He helps organize and promote events for talent in Chicago. Aside from working as a band manager, Kenny is also a model. It’s pretty easy to see why.

Kenny is also very into fitness. He stays in shape and it shows. No wonder he’s not afraid to show up naked!

He didn’t find love on The Bachelorette so now he’s hoping to find love in Mexico. Do you think he will find the one?


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Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers on Bachelor in Paradise. 


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