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‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Gets Cryptic With Series Of Memes

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown has always been pretty open with her feelings. If she is not directly speaking her mind, Meri wears branded shirts or posts inspirational quotes or symbolic memes. Recently, she shared a handful of cryptic memes and famous quotes to her Instagram stories. With a lot of shifts going on within the plural family, one could wonder what is next for the former first legal wife.

Meri’s Sister Wives Struggles

Credit: Meri Brown Instagram
Credit: Meri Brown Instagram

Season 15 of the hit reality series showed true dissension between Meri and her husband, Kody. She desperately wanted to make the marriage of thirty years work but he had grown so distant from her. However, a lot had happened in the relationship to get them to this particular point. Meri was Kody’s first legal wife. A few years in, they welcomed a second wife, Janelle. Following her was their third wife, Christine.

A big struggle for Meri was her inability to have more than one child. While both Janelle and Christine birthed six children, Meri could only have one daughter, Mariah. She desperately wanted more but it just did not happen for her. Luckily, Kody and the three wives lived in a polygamist home so she was able to help raise all of the kids together. When Robyn entered the picture as a fourth wife, it was initially a struggle. She lived far away and took Kody’s time. Yet, she and Meri bonded with Robyn offering to be a surrogate.

Meri made the ultimate sacrifice for Robyn when she legally divorced Kody so he and Robyn could wed. It was to allow him legally adopt her three children. Sadly,  things would never be the same. Feeling lonely and unappreciated, Meri sank into a hole of online dating but got catfished. This created a divide between her and her family, including her daughter. Emotions continued to run high when Meri bought the bed and breakfast without the financial help of her sister wives and husband. How could they recover?

Meri Gets Cryptic On Instagram With Memes and Quotes-What’s Up?

Though she consulted her family about the bed and breakfast, they could not financially support it. They also wanted a business plan but Meri soon had enough money for the down payment on her own. Meri’s sister wives worried she would not stay committed to them with Lizzie’s Heritage Inn being in Utah. She did and honored the commitment by moving to Flagstaff with everyone. Then COVID hit when the wives were having communication problems.

Kody was rotating where he was staying but Meri never felt truly valued as he rarely visited her since Mariah was living out of state. She noted he probably would not even be there to take care of her if she got sick. He has claimed their relationship is more of a friendship or co-existence that has not been right for several years. Ever since then, Meri has shared posts about both being broken and being respected, amongst other things.

Credit: Meri Brown Instagram
Credit: Meri Brown Instagram

In early August, Meri posted about being broken. To be fair, she did lose her mother early in the year. Just the other day, she shared a post about getting bitter or getting better. It sounded like a resolution she was making to herself. Now, her whole story is quotes and memes. It includes learning how to communicate, grudges, being misunderstood, and more.

Is Meri aiming these at her Sister Wives family or are they simply just posts she finds inspirational? Let us know what you think.


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