LPBW Audrey Roloff Instagram

‘LPBW’ Audrey Roloff Pulled Over By Cops: Is She In Trouble?! 

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Audrey Roloff revealed she kicked off her trip to her essential oils retreat by getting pulled over by the cops. Naturally, LPBW fans wonder if Jeremy Roloff’s wife got in any trouble after getting pulled over. Fortunately, Audrey Roloff was kind enough to post a snapshot on her Instagram Stories explaining what happened.

LPBW Audrey Roloff Instagram
LPBW Audrey Roloff Instagram

Wait, where is Jeremy’s wife headed off to?

As we previously reported, Audrey Roloff split from Jeremy and her children for a few days. She jetted off to Neskowin, Oregon to enjoy an essential oils retreat. LPBW fans suspect this might be one of the last times Audrey gets to take off and enjoy a little time alone before the baby comes. So, no one really blamed her for taking off to enjoy a little time away from her responsibilities! Audrey did clarify the trip would last until Wednesday. So, she’ll get back just in time for Amy and Chris’ wedding.

Unfortunately, her drive to the retreat took a bit of a turn when she got pulled over by the cops! She explained what happened after she got pulled over via her Instagram Stories.

LPBW Audrey Roloff Instagram
LPBW Audrey Roloff Instagram

Audrey Roloff gets pulled over by cops: Is she in trouble?

This got off to a rocky start as Audrey Roloff made the trip to the essential oils retreat. Turns out, she got pulled over by the cops! Fortunately, it wasn’t for anything serious like a DUI or speeding. There was just something small that was wrong with her family. Audrey Roloff added that the officer that pulled her over was very friendly and understanding about the situation.

Off to an adventurous start… got pulled over because my water bottle fell on the bottom for Jeremy Roloff’s light bar that’s EXTREMELY bright oops! Officer was super nice though and helped me figure out how to turn it off ha! Then I realized why people were flashing me for the last 20 minutes.”

Looking back on the situation, it was clear Audrey Roloff felt a little silly getting pulled over by the cops. But, she was happy they were able to help her figure out how to turn her husband’s light bar off.

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

Are you surprised to hear Audrey Roloff got pulled over by the cops? Are you relieved it wasn’t for anything serious? Do you think the cops recognized her when they pulled her over? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the LPBW family.

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