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Meri Brown’s Stalker: ‘SW’ Star BLASTS ‘Creeper’ That Followed Her

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Meri Brown of Sister Wives kicked off her weekend by revealing she experienced an uncomfortable situation with a stalker. The SW star blasted the “creeper” on her Instagram Stories for following her around a grocery store. What exactly happened regarding Meri Brown’s stalker? Keep reading for the details.

Meri Brown’s Stalker: Creeper Follows Her At Grocery Store

Meri Brown of Sister Wives took to her Instagram Stories on Friday. She shared a selfie of herself sitting in her vehicle. She still had a mask on her face suggesting the incident JUST happened and she was STILL a bit rattled by it.

“Oh Hey Stalker.” A sticker she plastered underneath her selfie read. She kicked off a long caption addressing the “creeper at Costco…”

I’m well aware my eyes are one of my finest assets. It’s one thing to compliment me on them, it’s purely another to keep following me and telling me it’s nice you got to stare into them again… Don’t be a stalker!!”

According to Meri Bown’s Instagram Stories, her stalker did not present as a creeper at first. At first, the individual presented as a fan. A Sister Wives fan who was excited to run into Meri Brown at the store. The individual approached Meri and complimented her beautiful eyes.

Sister Wives Meri Brown / Youtube
Sister Wives Meri Brown / Youtube

Now, in a perfect scenario, the fan compliments Meri’s gorgeous eyes. Meri says thank you. And, they part ways. But, this is where things got creepy.

Turns out, this wasn’t just an excited Sister Wives fan. Meri Brown was dealing with a stalker. This individual proceeded to follow Meri around Costco. And, they continued to compliment her eyes, repeatedly.

Meri Brown’s Instagram Stories

Wait, Has This Creeper Followed Her Before?!

Now, Meri Brown’s caption recounting the scary experience reveals this might’ve not been a one-and-done situation. She explained the creeper noted they were thrilled to have the opportunity to look in her eyes again. This suggests Meri Brown’s stalker has followed her before. And, has previously gotten close enough to look into her eyes.

Meri Brown Instagram
Meri Brown Instagram

Unfortunately, stalking and being famous go together. Meri Brown did clarify she didn’t have an issue with the initial compliment or approach. It was following her around the store and continuing to obsess about her eyes that was the issue.

Do you think Meri Brown might have a stalker on her hands? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC personality.

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