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Are ‘MacGyver’ Seasons 1-5 On Netflix? How To Stream This Series

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It has been a while since CBS rebooted the popular 1980’s series MacGyver that ran for five seasons. Fans continually wonder if the reboot, or even the original series, is available on Netflix.  Read on to find out if you can stream the popular series since it first aired on CBS.

CBS reboot of MacGyver

The CBS series MacGyver is a reboot of the classic and popular series of the same name from the 1980s starring Richard Dean Anderson. That show originally aired on ABC and was hugely popular. In fact, so much so, many people still use the term “MacGyver” to refer to a clever and seemingly impossible trick or solution to a problem.

Will MacGyver Seasons 1 - 5 air on Netflix?
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The reboot featured Lucas Till as Angus, or his nickname, Mac, who is a secret operative within the US government. The show did reasonably well according to the ratings but was canceled after five seasons. News had gotten out about some nasty, behind-the-scenes experiences, specifically the toxicity between the cast and the crew on the set.

As the rebooted MacGyver was popular, many fans did launch campaigns in an effort to revive the show for a sixth season. However, it doesn’t look like that is likely to happen. Fans are now wondering if there is any way to stream Seasons 1 to 5 of the show.

Are Seasons 1-5 of MacGyver on Netflix?

In the past, CBS did license shows to Netflix in the US, but these days, it is a rare occurrence. Typically, ViacomCBS licenses series to Netflix when it stands to benefit from the increase in viewers. However, in recent years, ViacomCBS has been putting all its efforts into its own platforms. This is especially so with CBS All Access, followed by Paramount+.

Will MacGyver Seasons 1 - 5 air on Netflix?
[Image @macgyvercbs/Instagram]
Regrettably, there is no way MacGyver will be available on Netflix, which many fans will find disappointing. However, there are other options to watch the popular series.

Where can you stream MacGyver?

Currently, Seasons 1 to 5 of MacGyver are streaming on Paramount+. However, for those looking for a free way to binge, IMDbTV also currently has the show, although it is unclear for how long. However, US viewers can also rent the box set on Netflix’s DVD service.

The rebooted series is currently available on Amazon Prime Video, for those who have an account with that platform. It can be streamed there via Paramount+, or episodes can be purchased on that platform.

Those in the UK should note that the rights to MacGyver were granted to Sky. This means UK fans can stream the series on NowTV.

As for the original series of MacGyver, this is also not available on Netflix in any region. This is unsurprising, as the streaming platform has been gradually losing all the classic TV shows.

So, there we have it. While you cannot access the popular reboot on Netflix, you do have a number of options to binge the show.

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