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‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Fires Back: Ariella Is NOT Her Step-Daughter

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As we previously reported, Meri Brown spent some time with Robyn’s daughter Ariella recently. Some of her Instagram followers were a little confused. Who is this little girl in the photo? One Sister Wives fan asked for clarity? Meri Brown did identify the little girl by name in her caption. But, this fan was confused about the relationship between Meri and Ariella.

The confused Sister Wives fan asked if Ariella was Meri’s step-daughter. Meri Brown was quick to fire back at the question. With how quickly she responded, fans assumed she might’ve been a little offended by the accusation.

Meri Brown Instagram
Meri Brown Instagram

What is Meri Brown’s relationship to Robyn and Kody’s daughter Ariella?

Now, Meri Brown has only ever been married to Kody. She doesn’t have a second husband or an ex-husband. So, there are no step-children in her life. She certainly doesn’t identify Ariella or any of Robyn’s children with Kody as her step-children. In fact, from the children’s perspective, they just have four mothers and a father.

Robyn Brown is the birth mother of Ariella. But, Meri, Christine, and Janelle are spiritually married to Kody and sister wives of Robyn. So, that means they are also mothers to little Ariella.

Here’s what the confused individual specifically said in the comments of Meri’s post:

Is she one of your step daughters shes a cutie meaning one of your sister wife’s daughter … Its been a while that i stopped watching the show.”

Meri was quick to fire back that Ariella was NOT her step-daughter. Moreover, she did not have any step-children.

Meri Brown Instagram

Other Sister Wives fans seemed confused as well

One Sister Wives fan admits they had no idea what this little girl’s name was. But, they thought she was adorable. They, however, did acknowledge she was one of Robyn’s children. Meri Brown — and several other Instagram users — clarified that Ariella was her name. Several noted her name was in the caption of the Instagram post.

A separate fan suspected this was one of Meri’s grandchildren. While Meri didn’t seem to be as annoyed by this comment. She did clarify that Ariella was not her grandchild either. She clarified Ariella was one of HER children.

Meri clarifies in the comments: “They [grandchildren] are, but this isn’t my grandchild. This is one of our kids, Robyn’s youngest.”

Given Robyn Brown is NOT active on social media…. It isn’t too surprising Sister Wives fans do not recognize her children. It, however, is very clear Meri loves Ariella as she continues to defend her relationship with her.

Are you surprised so many people don’t know who Ariella Brown is? Do you think it is sweet that Meri Brown defends her relationship with Robyn’s daughter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Sister Wives family.

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