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Lifetime Pledges ‘Sisters For Life’ Is A Sorority Thriller

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It is back to school at universities and colleges. Moreover, what is more iconic than pledging for a sorority or fraternity? Lifetime has a thriller just for this very occasion, Sisters For Life.

Starring in this new movie is Maddison Bullock (Wives Of The Sky, Ice: The Movie), Briana Femia (Malicious Motives, Anna Comes Home), Heather Harris (Deadly Seduction, Prisoner Of Love), Drew Pollock (Deadly Misconduct, A Country Romance), Bryce Barfield (The Nature of Romance, Malicious Motives), Tyler Lain (Animal Kingdom, Sorority Sister Killer), Angel Henson Smith (5th Ward, No Escape), Carolyn Grundman (A Thousand Little Cuts, Murder Made Me Famous), Danny Hogan (Prisoner Of Love, The Price Of Fame), Taylor Fono (Assassins Pride, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU), Kambra Potter (The Magic Show, Origin: Beyond The Impact), Brett Bower (Birdie, Skid), Ty Clifton (Reagan, Unbreakable Boy), and Camryn Basile in her first movie.

Ready to see how far some college students are willing to go to get into the Greek system?

What Is Lifetime’s Sisters For Life About?

Ready to find out more about Sisters For Life? According to the Lifetime synopsis, Jana (Bullock) is excited to welcome the new pledge class to her sorority. She and her best friend, Arielle (Harris), interview several candidates.

However, Jana immediately connects with Bailee (Femia), a transfer student who is keen to form a sisterhood with the girls in the sorority. Although Arielle is skeptical of Bailee’s inconsistent story and eagerness to be initiated, she ultimately joins the sorority.

Once a member, Bailee’s attachment to Jana grows into an obsession as she constantly appears wherever Jana is. While Jana tries to distance herself from Bailee, strange things begin to happen, and she suddenly finds her other relationships in grave danger.

How Can You Watch Lifetime’s Sisters For Life?

Lifetime’s Sisters For Life is now on rotation through August, and available to stream.

Did You Miss The Virgin Sinners?

Do you know the seven deadly sins? In this new Lifetime thriller, The Virgin Sinners, we learn what happens when a group of mean girls, who may or may not have messed up a prank. This cautionary thriller stars Kaitlyn Bernard, Brenna Llewellyn, Brenna Coates, Keilani Elizabeth Rose, Jasmine Randhawa, Carly Fawcett, and Natalie Malaika.

According to the Lifetime synopsis, seven schoolgirls are really into the seven deadly sins. They live in a small town, that is very religious. So, it is no surprise that the group nicknamed themselves “The Sins,” and it stuck. In addition, these young women are called “wayward.”

However, parents and advisers have talked to the young women and have cautioned against personifying themselves with the classic deadly sins. But, the girls still disobey the good advice. Each girl takes on one of the sins.

Disobeying their parents and advisors behind their back, the girls began to each take on the Seven Sins attributes. However, They live in a small, very religious small town. Moreover, these young women do not want to heed the advice of those who are older. However, things go from fun to serious in a heartbeat. After a “harmless” prank goes wrong, the group now becomes the lethal target of an unknown killer.

Lifetime’s The Virgin Sinners airs on Sunday, August 22, at 6 p.m. Eastern. The network also makes its movies available online

Ready for more back-to-school fun? Don’t forget Lifetime’s Fear The Cheer six-movie series starting in late August.


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