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Janelle Brown Gets Emotional, TRAPPED On Highway During Monsoon

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Janelle Brown posted an alarming video on Instagram recently featuring herself getting EMOTIONAL while trapped on the highway during monsoon season. According to the Sister Wives star, she was on her way to pick up her daughter Savanah from school. Unfortunately, she was TRAPPED in dead traffic on the highway. Now, Janelle wasn’t completely sure why the traffic on the highway was not moving. But, she had a pretty good idea because of an alert on her phone.

Sister Wives Janelle brown Instagram
Sister Wives Janelle brown Instagram

Janelle Brown trapped, blames heavy rainfall and monsoon season

According to the Sister Wives star, it is monsoon season right now. And, they are experiencing a lot of heavy rainfall right now. Janelle Brown has talked about it on Instagram before. She admitted that being in the rainstorms has been a pretty different experience for her now that she lives the RV lifestyle.

Janelle explained that after getting on the highway she got an alert that the town had issued a shelter in place order because of flooding. She admits they just had a crazy rainstorm. But, she was heading into town to pick up her daughter Savanah from school. Sister Wives fans could hear Kody’s wife get emotional in the video. And, it even seemed like she was going to tear up a few different times.

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Now, Janelle Brown promised not to leave fans hanging with this emotional and distressing video. She promised to keep everyone posted on what happened and when she got to her daughter.

The Sister Wives star updates with a photo of Savanah

According to the timestamps, between two and three hours passed before Janelle Brown was able to pick up her daughter Savanah. She explained it was fortunate for them that Gabe happened to live in town. He was able to go pick up Savanah from school for her.

She penned in the caption of her update as she explained: “I’m imagining the Sponge Bob voice ‘2
Hours Later’ daughter picked up. Thank goodness Gabe lives in town still and could get her from the school. So all was good.”

Sister Wives Janel;e Brown Instagram
Sister Wives Janel;e Brown Instagram

The photo featured a much happier and more calm Janelle with her daughter Savanah sitting next to her. Sister Wives fans were relieved and appreciated the update.

Do you think you would have gotten emotional if you were in Janelle’s position on the highway? Are you happy she updated us? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Kody Brown’s family.

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