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Duggar News: Joy Forsyth Updates On Baby Evy’s Health & Recent Illness

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Joy Forsyth took to Instagram yesterday to update on baby Evy’s health and a recent illness. Fortunately, the update on Evelyn Mae Forsyth didn’t seem to be too concerning for Duggar fans. What’s been going on with little Evy and what exactly did Joy’s update say? Keep reading for the scoop.

Joy Forsyth went full-force returning from her social media break

Duggar fans know Joy Forsyth and her husband Austin took a break from social media for about a month. As we previously reported, some fans speculated Joy and Austin might be expecting. After all, the last time she took a break from social media for this long was because she was pregnant.

Now, we don’t really have confirmation one way or the other on the pregnancy rumors. But, we do know they welcomed a little one into their family. Joy shared photos a little over a day ago featuring her children playing with a kitten.

Joy-Anna Forsyth - ustin Forsyth Instagram
Joy-Anna Forsyth – ustin Forsyth Instagram

Less than 24 hours ago Joy took to Instagram AGAIN. This time she had an update on baby Evy’s health and a recent sickness. What’s going on with Joy and Austin’s baby girl? Is she alright?

Baby Evy’s health and recent sickness update

While there weren’t a lot of details for her update, Joy Forsyth did share an update on her baby girl’s health. Turns out, Evy hasn’t been feeling too well lately.

She penned in her caption: “Evy’s doc appointment went well! She’s exhausted, but on the mend of this nasty cold!”

According to Joy Forsyth’s update, baby Evy hasn’t been feeling well lately. The little one has had a bit of a “nasty cold.” She, however, recently did take Evy to the doctor. She reports the doctor’s appointment went well.

Unfortunately, the nasty cold did zap little Evy of her energy. But, her mother Joy believes the little one is on the mend now.

Joy-Anna Forsyth - Baby Evie Instagram
Joy-Anna Forsyth – Baby Evie Instagram

Duggar fans react to update on the baby’s health

Fans had nothing but positive things to say as they looked at the precious baby girl in her mother’s arms. Many doted how much she looked like her daddy and her big brother. Some Duggar fans noted there was a nasty cold going around and they were sorry baby Evy caught it. Many hoped Joy Forsyth’s daughter would be well soon.

Are you happy Joy Forsyth took the time to update ups on Evy’s health and a recent illness? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Duggar family.

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