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New Photo Leaves Fans Deeply Concerned About Amy Halterman’s Son Gage

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A new photo has fans deeply concerned about the safety and well-being of Amy Halterman’s son Gage.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star took to Instagram to share a photo of herself for the first time in over a month. As we previously reported, the photo left her followers with a lot of questions. For starters, the photo and caption left fans thinking she might be pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, however, the photo also resulted in Amy catching some serious heat. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans were disturbed by how cluttered, filthy, and gross the room she was in looked. And, they were not shy about voicing their opinions in the comments of her post.

She’s no stranger to this type of attack

Now, we at TVShowsAce have spoken to Amy Halterman of 1000-Lb. Sisters a few different times. And, she’s told us she welcomes the feedback and advice of her followers. She noted it really didn’t bother her to get parenting advice because she was a new parent. As we’ve previously reported, Amy Halterman also isn’t a stranger to criticism regarding her housekeeping skills.

Some of the very first pictures of Gage Halterman were crucified by fans. They took issue with him sleeping on a dirty bed with stains and old food.

Amy Slaton Halterman Instagram
Amy Slaton Halterman Instagram

Amy Halterman has also been crucified for something as simple as a full or overflowing trash can in the background. Now, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans have no idea if Amy emptied the trash bag after taking her video or photo. But, seeing the full garbage can in the background was enough to set fans off.

Amy Halterman dragged for lack of cleaning

1000-Lb. Sisters fans made it clear they are horrified as they look over the recent photo Amy shared on Instagram. In the background, there are a few different tabletops. Each tabletop is cluttered completely with all sorts of different things on it. Paper, partially consumed beverage containers, and piles of clothing are visible as well as tons of other bottles and objects. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans can’t help but wonder how safe a home with so much clutter is going to be for Gage once he becomes completely mobile.

Amy Slaton Halterman - Instagram
Amy Slaton Halterman – Instagram

Fans flooded the comments with all sorts of opinions on the condition of her home. Many begged her to spend a little more time cleaning. Here’s some of what fans said regarding the mess:

  • “House needs cleaned but CUTEEE”
  • “Poor little guy surrounded by garbage”
  • “agree. Baby is living in filth.”

One follower admitted they were terrified for Gage’s safety: “I’d be terrified of that baby putting something in his mouth that he finds laying around. It’s so incredibly dangerous & unsanitary. Some People act like keeping a house clean is some impossible expectation when in reality it’s one of the easiest things to do! I guess I don’t get it because I was never raised in an environment like that. We didn’t have much but we took care of what we did have. This is just gross.”

What did you think when you saw the photo Amy Halterman posted on Instagram? Were you as horrified as her followers were? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the TLC star.

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  1. Both of those women are disgusting. They use their weight as an excuse for EVERYTHING. Also it looks as though Amy has put ALL the weight she lost back on & then some. SAD You’d think she’d want better for her son than what she came from. Maybe it’s time for CPS to make a formal house call.

    1. Have you tried being either of them, perhaps maybe they weren’t happy and they ate to make themselves feel better with less exercise, it’s not for us to judge another persons lifestyle choice

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