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Todd Chrisley Rips Off Chase’s Happy Trail: See Hilarious Video

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Chase Chrisley didn’t realize his happy trail was in danger when he went to an appointment with his father. Todd Chrisley took a lot of pleasure in telling him, the delicate belly hair was going away. Soon to his horror, he realized that wasn’t the only place his dad signed him up to get waxed.

In a new preview, Chase is talking about being the golden child, or Todd’s favorite. When he finds out what Todd is planning he asks Savannah Chrisley if it’s going to hurt. She lets him know waxing doesn’t feel good. He says he’s second-guessing being the gold child.  Chase says, “shopping for clothes is one thing, but pulling hair out of my body.”

Chase tells Todd he shaved the hair from his body. When he’s lying on the table Todd sees the hair on his belly. He tells him, “that’s my happy trail.” Todd says, “well that happiness is coming to an end.” Chase insisted it was a trail and Todd told him, “you usually get lost on the trail.”

Chase Chrisley Thought He Was Hairless Enough

Todd has told Chase Chrisley if he’s going to be the golden child, he needs less hair. First, Chase complains the wax is too hot. Then when the esthetician pulls the hair, he yells and kicks his legs up in the air. When he realizes she isn’t through he can’t believe she isn’t done. A few rips and his happy trail is a thing of the past. He tries to get her to stop and asks why she’s grabbing him. She tells him the skin has to be tight.

The appointment isn’t over there. The lady helping them tells Chase to put something on and hands him something. Chase asks if it’s a hairnet. She informs him it’s a paper thong because his dad signed him up for the works. When he asks what that is, Todd replies, “back, sack, and crack.”

Chase said that wasn’t happening. He told his father there wasn’t hair on his back, his balls were shaved, and nothing was happening with his crack. Todd is insisting they can’t leave, but Chase walks out saying he’s going to tell his momma.


What Did Fans Have To Say?

Fans were dying at the fact that Chase Chrisley said he was going to tell his mom. He said he hadn’t been the favorite for twenty-two years, and he could go back to that. One fan said, “first of all he’s already Nannie’s favorite he doesn’t need to be Todd’s.” Another said, “I’m telling my Momma too!!! Has me weak cuz PERIOD!!! Dad has lost it.”

Fans learned a lot more about Chase’s body hair with one preview than they expected. What do you think of Chase’s salon visit? Comment with your thoughts down below.

The new season of Chrisley Knows Best premiers on Thursday, August 12, on the USA network.

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