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Duggar BOMBSHELL: Josh Forces Anna To Live With Him?!

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A new Duggar bombshell dropped regarding Anna and Josh.

News broke not too long ago that Anna Duggar was residing with her husband Josh. Anna continues to stand by her husband. And, as we previously reported, she does not believe her husband is guilty. Likewise, it has also been reported Anna is struggling financially without her husband in the picture. Things, however, might be a bit better for Anna right now as she’s reportedly living with her husband.

Today, however, a Duggar bombshell was dropped revealing Josh is actually forcing his wife to live with him.

Anna Duggar Josh Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar  Instagram

Duggar Bombshell: Josh forces Anna to live with him?!

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball dropped a Duggar bombshell on us just a few hours ago. She revealed that Josh Duggar was actually FORCING his wife Anna to live with him as he awaits trial. Katie Joy reports an anonymous source close to the situation reported this information exclusively to her.

Katie Joy continued to explain: “According to the source, Josh, who follows the IBLP, is the authority of the family & what he says goes. If he wants Anna there, she has to be there no questions asked.”

Additionally, they stated that Anna is not allowed to say no to josh no matter what.”

Josh Duggar mugshot
Josh Duggar Mugshot/Public Records

She is unlikely to divorce her husband.

There has been a lot of chatter regarding whether Anna and Josh Duggar would be the first divorce in the family tree. Most fans admit they would understand her getting a divorce even though it was something that went against everything she believed. We, however, reported that divorcing Josh Duggar would be the last resort for Anna.

On Reddit, Duggar Snarks feel for Anna because she’s trapped in an unfortunate situation. They argue that she grew up believing her husband was always right. And, she had to do whatever he says. So, those who believe Josh is guilty of the crimes he has been accused of also argue Anna is trapped in the marriage with him because of her beliefs.

Anna and Josh
Credit: Without a Crystal ball

Anna Duggar might not be that helpless

Now, there is another side to this story entirely. Anna Duggar’s brother is getting married to the daughter of Josh’s guardians. Fans just assumed it was Jim Bob Duggar who set this up. But, logically, it doesn’t make sense. In fact, it makes more sense that Anna set up the marriage. Though, both her brother and his future bride insist their engagement was NOT arranged.

Do you think Josh is forcing Anna to live with him? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Duggar family.

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