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Move Over Robyn! Kody Brown Spends Night With Janelle Under The Stars

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Move over Robyn Brown — Kody spent at least some of this weekend under the stars with his wife Janelle. Sister Wives fans continue to assume Kody Brown only has time for his newest and favorite wife, Robyn. Likewise, fans assume things are completely over between him and Meri. Furthermore, fans really aren’t sure how things stand between him and Christine. But, Janelle? Janelle Brown has repeatedly made it clear on her Instagram account that Kody Brown is still her husband. And, her man is STILL very much involved in her life.

Janelle Brown hints she enjoyed a night with Kody

The Sister Wives star took to Instagram to share a photo her son Garrison took while he was visiting her. The photo was truly beautiful. And, it Garrison did a fantastic job of capturing why the Brown family fell in love with the Coyote Pass land.

Janelle Brown Instagram
Janelle Brown Instagram

It, however, wasn’t the gorgeous photo that caught the attention of Sister Wives fans. It was the caption. Janelle Brown managed to drop a bit of a bombshell on fans.

Janelle penned in the caption: “I had gone inside and he and Kody remained outside. I had no idea he was taking a photo. This is amazing !! This is going on my wall.”

Sister Wives fans were curious whether Kody had anything to do with Janelle living on the land. Was he willing to spend time with her or was he too good to live on the land? Janelle put the chatter to bed with a photo revealing they enjoyed dinner together on her new picnic table a while back. And, now? Now, she’s seized another opportunity to hint that Kody was continuing to come around and spend time with her.

Her husband did surface on Instagram recently

As we recently reported, Kody Brown did surface on Instagram recently. Turns out, he joined Janelle and Christine in hoping on Cameo to make some easy cash. This new side hustle disgusted fans as they wished he would get a real job. That being said, it didn’t stop some from purchasing his Cameos even though he considered himself to be twice as valuable as his wives.

Janelle Brown Instagram
Janelle Brown Instagram

The videos that are starting to pop up on his Cameo do reveal him spending time with Robyn as it is her children popping up in some of the videos with Kody. The children being featured in some of the videos was ironic considering Kody argued he only signed up for Cameo because he finally had space away from the chaos and his children to do videos for fans.

This bombshell that Kody spent the night with Janelle under the stars comes just after he was crucified for not attending a family reunion with her. Do you think this was Janelle’s way of throwing some subtle shade at fans? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Sister Wives family.

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