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‘Love Island USA’: Are Korey & Olivia Destined To Win The Season?!

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Love Island USA fans have a feeling that Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser will win the entire season. At first, it seemed like Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama were on course to win. There were doubts with the couple since fans found out they knew each other before the show. Then came Casa Amor where Will cheated on Kyra with Florence Mueller.

Somehow, the couple made it through that brief scandal. Kyra moved on quickly, even though some of the islanders kept bringing it up. Even if Kyra and Will were coupled up from the beginning, fans don’t think they deserve the $100,000 grand prize. Now, they’re worried that Olivia and Korey could end up taking it all.

Could Korey and Olivia win Love Island USA?

Fans are not happy with the on-and-off couple. Love Island USA fans have a bad feeling that Korey and Olivia will end up winning Season 3. Producers are calling the shots. Normally, fans use the Love Island USA mobile app to vote for their favorite couples and islanders.

Rumors have been swirling that Jeremy Hershberg’s relative works for CBS. Fans also believe that Kyra and Will are only on the show to win over the hearts of America. That could also be the case for Korey and Olivia, who have been striking out with the islanders. Both of them are unlucky with love and coupled up during Friday night’s recoupling ceremony.

[Credit: CBS/YouTube]
[Credit: CBS/YouTube]
Fans are having a hard time connecting with most of the couples. Most of their favorites are off the snow. Since they have no interest in watching or voting, Olivia and Korey could end up as the top couple. Fans were not happy when they noticed that their top choice was Olivia and Korey.

Olivia shocked fans when she returned as a single from Casa Amor. She revealed her true feelings for Korey. He felt the same way, and the two have been hot-and-cold since. Fans think Olivia was just leading Korey on to stay in the villa.

Viewers don’t know who to vote for anymore

Then new islanders showed up at the villa. While Olivia and Korey weren’t coupled up, they couldn’t help but notice the fresh meat. Korey felt an attraction to Bailey. Meanwhile, Olivia felt a “spark” with Andre. Both of them were confused about their feelings for one another.

During the recoupling ceremony, Korey wanted to follow his heart. He ultimately chose Olivia to recouple up with, to the shock of everyone. Love Island USA fans took to Twitter to share their dismay over Olivia and Korey’s recoupling. Most of them have a feeling that the couple will end up winning Season 3.

  • “Olivia & Korey will probably win this season.”
  • “I am so shocked. But with the Korey-Olivia coupling I think they’re being pushed to win.”
  • “Not Olivia and Korey about to win this season.”
  • “I refuse to vote for Kyra & Will. Guess Olivia & Korey are getting my vote.”
  • “Korey and Olivia could win this with the white Facebook moms.”

Fans are reluctant to vote for Kyra and Will. Does it really matter though? Most of everyone’s favorites are gone. However, a new couple could rise up and win.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Korey and Olivia will win? Who are you voting for? Sound off below in the comments section.

Love Island USA airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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